Reports Mandated

Abortion reporting audit

Active volunteer firefighter tax credit, annual report

Administrative Office of the Courts, marijuana expungements

Benefits Cliff, task force

Benefits Cliff Task Force

Benefits Cliff Task Force, establishment

Board of Medical Licensure, occupational licenses for veterans, report

Cabinet for Economic Development, workforce needs, report

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, COVID-19, children in out-of-home care, policies ad reports

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, implementation report, requirement

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Medicaid waiver, family planning services

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, mobile crisis service fund

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, mobile crisis services fund

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, patient-directed care, end of life

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, report on health care professionals

Center for Applied Energy Research, coal-derived carbon, research, commercialization

Charitable organizations, reporting requirements, limitation

Child abuse, remove supervisor requirement

Civics test data, Kentucky Department of Education, requirement

College and career readiness pilot program

Commission on Military Affairs, occupational licenses for veterans, report

Commissioner, Department of Insurance, external reviews, prior authorization exemptions

Community Jobs Initiative, pilot program, establishment

Controlled Substance Prescribing Review and Enforcement Advisory Council, annual

Council on Postsecondary Education, KSU improvement plan

Council on Postsecondary Education, KSU loan repayment

Department of Insurance, administration of pharmacy benefits

Department of Insurance, contraceptive coverage

Department of Insurance, insurance innovations

Department of Insurance, medical malpractice claims, reporting

Department of Revenue, aggregate tax credits

Department of Revenue, individual income tax, tax credit, stillbirths

Department of Revenue, natural resources severance tax credit report

Department of Revenue, report of exemptions

Department of Revenue, University of Kentucky, well-managed forestlands, property tax assessments

Department of Veterans' Affairs, veteran access to mental healthcare, report

Department of Veterans' Affairs, veterans' access to healthcare, report

Domestic violence fatalities, recommendations

Domestic violence statistics, recommendations

External review entity, prior authorization exemptions

Felony mediation, Chief Justice

General Assembly, annually, required information

Health plan, prescription drugs, step therapy exceptions

Health plan/insurer, prescription drugs, step therapy exceptions

Individual income tax, home modification credit

Individual-directed care, end of life

Infant Mortality Task Force, establishment

Insulin manufacturers, Urgent-Need and Continuing Access to Insulin Programs, requirement

Insurance holding company systems, filing requirements

Insurer, prescription drugs, step therapy exceptions

Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue

Juvenile Justice Oversight Council, annual

KCTCS, Commonwealth West Healthcare Workforce Innovation Center

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit, annual reports

Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services, annual report to General Assembly

Kentucky Community Technical College System, Legislative Research Commission

Kentucky Department of Education, facilities and properties, documents and procedures

Kentucky Public Charter School Pilot Project, authorizers, activities

Kentucky State University, management improvement plan

Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families study

Medical cannabis program report, requirement

Mental health professional licensure boards, reporting requirement

Penal code, study for purposes of future revision

Pharmacy benefit claims, independent monitoring

Pharmacy benefit manager, prescription drugs, step therapy exceptions

Pharmacy benefit manager, step therapy exceptions

Pilot program, data, Administrative Office of the Courts and General Assembly

Primary care perceptor tax credit, primary care Health Professional Shortage Area

Private review agent, prescription drugs, step therapy exceptions

Public Service Commission, utility rates, fuel adjustment clause, study

Rural growth fund tax credit and program, Department of Revenue to report

Rural infrastructure improvement fund, eligible utility pole replacement, KIA report

School districts, report on healthy relationship instruct to the Department of Education, biennially

Sickle cell disease, Medicaid coverage, annual report, requirement

State governmental agencies, companies engaging in energy company boycott, divestment

Statewide Task Force on Diversity in Education Curricula, Interim Joint Committee on Education

Student education loan servicers, annual reports

Student loan ombudsman, annual report

Student loan servicers, annual report to commissioner

Tax Expenditure and Economic Development Review Board, annual report

Thoroughbred breeding and racing, the Jockey Club, reporting

Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, report, statewide trail program, all classes

Unemployment insurance, domestic or dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking

Veteran Accelerated Licensing for Occupational Recruitment Program, creation

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