Bill Request 290

Title AN ACT relating to animal cruelty.
Bill Documents Original
Sponsors K. Banta, C. Stevenson
Summary of Original Version Create new sections of KRS Chapter 525 to define terms; require peace officers and animal control officers to serve notice of seizure of an animal subjected to cruelty; create procedure for seizing agencies to petition a court to order payment of animal care costs by owner; establish penalties; prohibit the destruction of seized animals, except for humane reasons determined by veterinarian.
Index Headings Crimes and Punishments - Animal cruelty, enhanced penalties
Criminal Procedure - Animal cruelty, enhanced penalties
Dogs - Animal seizure, cost-of-care petition
Peace Officers and Law Enforcement - Animal seizure, cost-of-care petition
Animals, Livestock, and Poultry - Animal seizure, cost-of-care petition
Civil Actions - Seized animal cost-of-care petition
Civil Procedure - Seized animal cost-of-care petition
Horses and Horse Racing - Animal seizure, cost-of-care petition


09/29/21 Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

Last updated: 12/21/2021 12:15 PM (EST)
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