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Title AN ACT relating to digital assets.
Bill Documents Original
Sponsors B. Smith
Summary of Original Version Establish KRS Chapter 355A and create new sections thereof to define and establish property classifications for digital assets; supplement and modify provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code, KRS Chapter 355, relating to the classification, perfection, and priority of digital assets; allow debtors located in Kentucky to file a financial statement with the Secretary of State to perfect a security interest in a digital asset; establish when a transferee takes a digital asset free of any security interest perfected by filing; for purposes of Article 9 of KRS Chapter 355, establish when digital assets are located in Kentucky; classify open blockchain tokens with certain characteristics as intangible personal property; require developers and sellers of certain open blockchain tokens to file a notice of intent with the Secretary of State, and pay a filing fee, prior to sale in this state; require the Secretary of State to promulgate forms and make the forms accessible to filers; require facilitators of certain open blockchain tokens in the resale market to comply with certain requirements; establish penalties for violation of the section; provide that the Secretary of State may make referrals to law enforcement agencies; provide that section may be cited as the Kentucky Utility Token Act; create a new section of Subtitle 2 of KRS Chapter 286 to permit certain Kentucky financial institutions to elect to provide custodial services of customer currency and digital assets in accordance with the provisions of the section; establish internal control and customer contracting requirements for providing custodial services under the section; provide that digital assets held in custody under the section are not depository liabilities or assets of the financial institution; require the commissioner of financial institutions to establish a supervision fee; create a new section of Article 1 of KRS Chapter 355 to conform; amend KRS 369.103 to include transactions involving digital assets; provide that the Secretary of State and the commissioner of financial institutions shall promulgate administrative regulations to implement the Act on or before October 1, 2022; EFFECTIVE, in part, October 1, 2022.
Index Headings Effective Dates, Delayed - Classification and treatment of digital assets, October 1, 2022
Fees - Commissioner, Department of Financial Institutions, custody of digital assets, supervision fee
Fees - Secretary of State, notice of intent, sale of open blockchain tokens, filing fee
Property - Digital assets, classification and treatment
Uniform Laws - Uniform Commercial Code, digital assets, classification and treatment
Banks and Financial Institutions - Kentucky financial institutions, custody of digital assets
Short Titles and Popular Names - Kentucky Utility Token Act
Technology - Digital assets, classification and treatment


11/05/21 Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

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