Application fees, skill games

Consolidated local government, county clerk, collection authority

Constables, reports, fees

Constables, services, establishment

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, STAR certificate fee cap

Governmental agencies, acceptance of cash for payment of fees

Hazardous waste management assessment, extend levy to June 30, 2032

Heirs property research fund, county clerk fee increase, recording and indexing

Hunting and fishing license, driver's license, disabled veteran exemption

Insurance, public adjusters, requirements

Investor-owned electric utilities, securitized surcharge, paid by customers

Kentucky Board of Licensure for Professional Music Therapists, establishment

LEXPARK, rates, encouragement to lower

Licensing application, nonrecourse consumer legal funding

Licensing fee structure, ABC to study

Motor vehicle registration, reinstatement fee

Nonresident commercial driver's license skills testing, $150

Parking authorities in urban-counties, approvals of budgets, budget amendments, fees, and rates

Patient medical record access, standards

Personal identification cards, issuance, prohibition

Registration fees, electronic gaming devices

Sanitation districts, sewer charges, imposition requirements

Specialty courts, collection

Veterans with 50% service-connected disability, license plate fee exemption

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