Senate Bill 157

Last Action 02/21/23: to Transportation (S)
Title AN ACT relating to the regulation of motor vehicles.
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Local Mandate
Bill Request Number 436
Sponsor J. Turner
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 186A.040 to establish insurance notification requirements and conditions for when an individual's motor vehicle registration must be revoked or a license plate surrendered; establish circumstances for when an affidavit may be submitted in lieu of proof of insurance; repeal notifications to the county attorney; require the Transportation Cabinet to prepare forms and provide a vehicle sticker under certain circumstances; prohibit towing by city, county, or local governments under certain circumstances; provide reinstatement fee; create a new section of KRS Chapter 186A to establish administrative requirements for county clerks and the Department for Vehicle Regulation; amend KRS 186A.042 to allow submission of an affidavit; require county clerks to provide a notice when processing motor vehicle registration renewals; amend KRS 186A.990 to provide penalties for failure to surrender motor vehicle license plate; amend KRS 186.180 to conform; delete fee for revocations under KRS 186.290; amend various statutes requiring proof of insurance to allow submission of an affidavit; amend KRS 304.39-080 to establish exceptions to the requirement to maintain continuous motor vehicle insurance; amend KRS 304.39-110 to require insurers to offer, upon request, 12 month policy periods; amend KRS 304.39-117 to modify requirements for evidence of compliance with minimum insurance requirements; amend KRS 304.99-060 to modify penalties; amend KRS 431.078 to create expungement rights for motor vehicle owners and operators that fail to have minimum motor vehicle insurance; make technical corrections throughout; RETROACTIVE, in part.
Index Headings of Original Version County Clerks - Motor vehicles, administrative requirements
County Clerks - No motor vehicle insurance, affidavits, county clerk
Crimes and Punishments - No motor vehicle insurance, penalties
Fees - Motor vehicle registration, reinstatement fee
Insurance, Motor Vehicle - Continuous minimum insurance, exceptions
Insurance, Motor Vehicle - Policy periods, requirement
Insurance, Motor Vehicle - Revocations, violation threshold for no insurance
Local Government - Towing prohibition, inoperable vehicle
Motor Vehicles - No insurance, affidavits, county clerk
State Agencies - Department of Vehicle Regulation, motor vehicle insurance, notifications
State Agencies - Department of Vehicle Regulation, motor vehicle sticker
State Agencies - Department of Vehicle Regulation, motor vehicles, administrative requirements
State Agencies - Transportation Cabinet, no motor vehicle insurance, affidavits, forms
Technical Corrections - Motor vehicle insurance requirements
Retroactive Legislation - Operating a motor vehicle without proof of security, expungement
Corrections Impact - Motor vehicle penalties
Local Mandate - Motor vehicles, administrative requirements


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  • to Committee on Committees (S)
  • to Transportation (S)

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