Administrative regulation deficiency finding, review

Appointment, long-term care insurance ombudsman

Appointment of public advocate, relinquishment

Appointments, Long-term Care Insurance Consumer Advisory Council

Board of Pharmacy, administrative regulation, nullification

Board of Pharmacy, appointment of members

Budget recommendations, requirements

Department for Medicaid Services, program coverage, administrative regulation nullification

Education and labor Cabinet, employer-employee relationship, nullification of 803 KAR 1:006

Emergency, powers and duties, restriction

Executive branch, administrative bodies, administrative regulation nullification

Executive branch agencies, technical correction

Executive orders, right to intervene in court challenge

Fish and Wildlife contraband sale and federal contracting, no Governor approval

Government contracts, Government Contract Review Committee

Kentucky Authority for Educational Television, membership

Kentucky Board of Radon Safety, EPA funding grant, receipt and administration

Kentucky contribution fund

Kentucky contribution trust fund

Overdose Awareness Day, annual proclamation

Tik Tok app, prohibition of use on state devices

TikTok app, prohibition of use on state devices

Voting, authority to change time and place, removal

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