Occupations and Professions

Advanced practice registered nurses, interstate compact

Alcohol and Drug Counselor licensing, language correction

Animal health, chiropractors

Animal health, veterinarians

Auctioneer, online, exemption

Barbers, licensing requirements

Bouncers, training and certification Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Chiropractic licensing, language correction

Cosmetologists, interstate compact

Electrical inspectors, authorization to perform electrical work

Emergency medical services providers, the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services

EMS personnel, interstate compact

Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission, acceptance, Principles and Practice Examination

Firefighters, stress injuries, treatment

Health care provider, criminal liability, immunity

Health care, worker safety, workplace violence prevention

Health providers, gender transition services, person under age 18 years, liability

Healthcare credentials, scholarships for eligible credentials, fund lapse

Healthcare credentials, scholarships for eligible credentials, recoupment

Healthcare credentials, scholarships for eligible credentials, social workers, behavior analysts

Healthcare professions, scholarships for training programs, terms and eligibility

Hearing specialists, hearing instruments, requirements

Housing, building, and construction, Uniform State Building Code, violation

HVAC, refrigerant, usage

Kentucky Board of Cosmetology, technical corrections

Kentucky Education and Workforce Collaborative, Kentucky League of Cities, included

Kentucky Real Estate Commission, technical corrections

Licensed certified professional midwifes, Medicaid coverage

Local ordinances on wages and benefits

Long-term care, investigator training, surveyor training, Medicare, Medicaid

Medicinal cannabis program, establishment

Military occupational experience for occupational licensure, task force to examine

Music therapist, licensure and requirements

Nursing, licensure restrictions, board membership, out-of-state practitioners

Ophthalmic dispensers, license renewal fee

Over-the-counter hearing aids, audiologists, requirements

Over-the-counter hearing aids, hearing specialists, audiologists, requirements

Over-the-counter hearing aids, hearing specialists, requirements

Pharmacists, Board of Pharmacy, membership

Physician assistant, supervising physician agreement, requirements

Professional land surveyor, licensure requirements

Radon measurement and mitigation, safety

Real estate brokers, equitable interest, advertising

Roofing contractors, Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction

Sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts for minors, prohibition

Social Work Licensure Compact, social workers

Social workers, workers' compensation, psychological injuries

Speech-language pathology assistants, permitted and prohibited activities

Teacher compensation and work environment, Legislative Research Commission, study

Temporary elevator mechanic license, military experience

Universal recognition of occupational licenses and government certifications

Veterans' benefits and services poster

Veterinary practice, licensing and regulation

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