House Bill 131

Last Action 01/06/23: to Committee on Committees (H)
Title AN ACT relating to public charter schools.
Bill Documents Introduced
Bill Request Number 974
Sponsors T. Bojanowski, J. Raymond, C. Aull, G. Brown Jr., S. Stalker, C. Stevenson
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 160.1590 to require education service providers to be nonprofit entities; require wait lists after student admission lotteries; provide that a subsequent mayor or chief executive officer may terminate a previously approved charter contract; amend KRS 160.1591 to limit the number of public charter schools to five unless waived by the General Assembly; forbid the use of financial incentives to induce a student to enroll or apply to enroll in a public charter school; make conforming changes; amend KRS 160.1592 to forbid a public charter school from entering into a contract with a for-profit organization for educational design, implementation, or comprehensive management; forbid public charter schools from charging fines or fees that are different from those charged by other public schools; establish a wait list process for students not selected in the admission lottery; require board of directors members to be residents of the school district in which the public charter school is located; require at least 75% of the board of directors to be elected by the residents of the school district of location and set the terms and conditions of that election; require the board of directors to submit the name of any education service provider the board has contracted with and the associated contracts to the Kentucky Department of Education for publication; amend KRS 160.1593 to require a charter application to include a plan for the election and composition of the board of directors and a statement detailing the potential operational and financial impact the proposed public charter school will have on the district of location; amend KRS 160.1594 to require a public charter school authorizer to collect student withdrawal and disciplinary data and make a report; amend KRS 160.1596 to remove any locally raised revenues from funds to be transferred from a school district to a public charter school; require any add-on or funding factor for special education to be split between a local district and a public charter school when a student has attended both during the school year; cap the authorizer fee to 1% of funds transferred or the actual prior year's authorizer costs, whichever is less; amend KRS 160.1597 to limit the length of a charter contract to three years; amend KRS 160.1598 to conform; and amend KRS 160.1599 to establish a process to revert a conversion public charter school back to the school district.
Index Headings of Original Version Education, Elementary and Secondary - Public charter school, contract terms and governance, modification
Education, Elementary and Secondary - Public charter school, applications
Education, Finance - Public charter school, enrollment financial incentives, forbidding
Education, Finance - Public charter school, local revenue, transfer
Education, Finance - Public charter school, special education funding, dividing
Elections and Voting - Public charter school, board of directors, election
Cities - Public charter schools, mayor authorization, revocation
Contracts - Public charter school, three-year contract term
Contracts - Public charter schools, nonprofit education service providers


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