Agricultural commodities associated company, politically sensitive company boycott, state divestment

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Mark Barker

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Robert H. Foree

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Wayne Hunt

Agricultural land, countries listed in federal reference, prohibition of purchase

Agricultural land, prohibition of purchase

Agritourism activity, participation allowed

Animal control and care fund, money from penalties

Animal health, licensing and regulation

Commissioner of Agriculture, gender-neutral language

Commissioner of Agriculture, member of Kentucky Horse Park Commission

Continental Refining Company, biofuel and soybean hull and meal production, commendation

Dates of recognition, agriculture

Education, youth, urban agriculture, promotion

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction agreements, recording requirement

Healthy Soils Program, funding for farmers

Heavy or specialized conservation equipment, acquisition by commission, joint application

Home-based processor, food products, coffee, tea

Industrial hemp program, intoxicating hemp-derived products, prohibition

Kentucky Agricultural Finance Board of Directors, confirmation, Jonathan T. Noe

Kentucky Agricultural Finance Board of Directors, confirmation, Wayne Hunt

Kentucky Healthy Farm and Food Innovation Board, establishment, duties, fund

Kentucky State Fair Board, confirmation, Hans G. Poppe

Kentucky State Fair Board, confirmation, John D. Cox

Kentucky State University, cooperative extension office, West Louisville

National Wild Turkey Federation, honor, honoring, commending

Office of State Veterinarian, reorganization

Poultry, exemptions, farmers, sales on farm, sales to farmers markets and roadside stands

Poultry producers, exemption from permit and processing requirements

Rural housing trust fund, establishment

Sale and distribution of tobacco and related products, increased penalties

Small business loans, grammatical and technical corrections

Small business loans, technical corrections

Soil and water conservation, supervisor, age requirement

Soil and water conservation supervisor, removal of age requirement

Veterinary practice, licensing and regulation

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