Assignments, substance abuse or mental health treatment benefits

College athletics, lifetime employment contracts, prohibition

Delivery network company services, regulation

Department of Parks, employment or contracts, gender-neutral language

Economic Development Finance Authority, request for proposal, Taxpayer Transplant Program

Energy savings, decommissioning buildings, public schools

Finance and Administration Cabinet, race and ethnicity data, collection

Gift cards, expiration date, remove

Government contracts, anti-fireman discrimination, prohibition

Government contracts, Government Contract Review Committee

Government contracts, self-performing contracts

Governmental body, financial services and products relating to payment card processing, requirements

Insurance, public adjusters

Insurance, public adjusters, requirements

Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance

Kentucky Community and Technical College System, chief executive officer, selection

Labor or materials, liens, owners of property, lease prohibition

Landlord tenant, forcible entry or detainer, alternative minimum time of notice

Libraries, sale of electronic literary products by publishers, terms

Local government procurement, competitive bidding exceptions

Model Procurement Code threshold, small projects

Mortgage or deed of trust, enforceability

Motor vehicle dealer, relationship with manufacturers, requirements

Nonrecourse consumer legal funding transaction contracts, regulatory requirements

Police employment, training reimbursement

Police employment, training reimbursement, conservation officers, board of education officers

Postsecondary institution activities, foreign country of concern, regulation

Public adjusters, requirements

Public charter school, three-year contract term

Public charter schools, nonprofit education service providers

Real property, equitable interest, advertising

School personnel, abusive conduct, nondisclosure agreement, prohibition

Uniform Commercial Code, emerging technology amendments

Uniform Residential and Landlord Tenant Act

Use tax, extended warranty services, technical corrections

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