Abortion, minors, authorization

Administrative Office of the Courts, uniform civil citation form, creation

Appropriation, salary increments

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, prosecution of cases under KRS Chapter 620, notice

Cannabis possession, personal use quantity, removal of penalties

Child abuse, mandatory reporting

Child out-of-home placement, requirements

Civil cause of action, wrongful conviction, recovery

Court of Justice, filing deadline for candidates seeking public office, change

Death penalty, replacement with life imprisonment without parole

Discrimination, access to electronic devices

Electronic platform, provided by AOC, requirement

Emergency placement of children, criminal history record check, requirement

Employees, personnel requirements

Employees, telework, prohibition

Exclusive jurisdiction, real estate, contractor dispute, establishment

Felony expungelent, automatic

Felony expungement, automatic

Forcible entry or detainer, alternative minimum time of notice

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

General Assembly, right to intervene, challenge

Government Teleworking Task Force, establishment

Immunization requirements, exemptions, action for damages

Incarcerated children, bill of rights

Information technology improvement plans

Information technology improvement plans, submission date

Involuntary treatment for substance use disorder, APRN, medical examination

Judicial Branch biennial budget, capital projects

Judicial Branch Budget, deferred funding for local projects

Kentucky contribution trust fund

Laser, definition

Lawsuit, exemption, inmate

Master commissioner sale, state of occupancy requirements, violation, fine

Multiple eligible felonies, expungement, eligibility

Multiple felony expungement petitions, authorization

Name and sex change on certificate, prohibition

Orders of protection, conviction for qualifying offense, issuance, duration

Pretrial release, controlled substances, Referral for treatment

Prospective juror, relieved of service upon notice, age 70 or older

Religious freedom, protection, relief available

Sale and distribution of tobacco and related products, increased penalties

SB 62/EN

Specialty programs, renaming, identification

Status offender, detention, prohibit

Technical corrections

Treatment center, chemical dependency, court order violation, arrest

Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act, adoption

Vexatious litigant, injunction, future actions

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