Legislative Research Commission

ABC licensing fee study, deadline to report

Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee, procedures

Appropriation, salary increments

Benefits cliff calculator implementation, deadline to report

Branch, budget recommendations, receipt of estimates, requests and proposals

Cannabis legalization and use, task force

Capitol campus, areas allocated to legislative branch

Certificate of Need Task Force, creation

Child Care Assistance Program study, deadline to report

Commission on Race and Access to Opportunity, appointments, reporting requirement

Committee on Constitutional Enforcement, establishment

Department of Juvenile Justice, third-party contract, performance review audit

Employees, personnel requirements

Employment and job training program study, deadline to report

Federal Earned Income Tax Credit, outreach and support, deadline to report

Finance and Administration Cabinet, fleet replacement with alternative fuel vehicles, report

Financial companies engaging in politically sensitive company boycotts, report

Government Teleworking Task Force, establishment

Grate, Jonathan, honoring

Information technology improvement plans

Information technology improvement plans, submission date

Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Energy, reference correction

Interim session, presentation, cybersecurity challenges, workforce issues

Juvenile Justice Oversight Council, administrative attachment

Kentucky contribution trust fund

Legislative ethics, prohibited behavior

Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee, technical correction

Legislative privilege and immunity, affirmation

Lottery Trust Fund Task Force, creation

Medicaid reimbursement study, deadline to report

Multimodal Freight Transportation System Improvement Task Force, establishment

Office of Education Accountability, teacher compensation and work environment, study

Officers and employees, telework, prohibition

Public assistance flexibilities study, deadline to report

Public Pensions Administration Advisory Committee, establishment

Reformulated gasoline requirements, elimination, report to IJC on Natural Resources and Energy

Report of performance review audit, Department of Juvenile Justice, requirements

School fiscal impact statement, legislation, requirement

Task Force on Local Government Annexation

Task force to examine military occupational experience for occupational licensure

Tax Expenditure and Economic Development Incentive Review Board, establishment, duties

Technology Improvement and Modernization Projects Oversight Board, member, minority party

Telecommunications, procedures

TikTok app, prohibition of use on state devices

Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet, Kentucky Women's History Trail, report

Workforce Innovation Task Force, establishment

Last updated: 11/9/2023 3:03 PM (EST)