Local Government

Agritourism activity, participation allowed

All-terrain vehicle, highway operation, prohibition

Alternative publication procedures

Board of Elections, multilingual voter ballots, materials and hotline established, requirements

Cannabis sales, licensing fees

Cellular antenna tower siting, setbacks, inhabitable buildings and outdoor gathering spaces

Certificate of need, exemption

Certification of recovery residences, assumption of inspections and enforcement duties, permitted

Cities, annexation, moratorium

Cities, property tax bills, unpaid code enforcement liens

City legislative body, prohibition on using electric utility revenues, board supervision

City meetings, agendas

City officials, resignation, nonpartisan election

City, union, project labor agreement, wages, local ordinance

Consolidated emergency service districts, firefighters, benefits

Constables, powers, duties, privileges, fees

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance

County Employees Retirement System, partial lump-sum option at retirement

County Employees Retirement System, reemployment after retirement, 1-month break in service required

County jail facilities, minimum age of persons working

County jail facilities, staff qualifications

County judge/executive, courthouses, technical change

County tax information, confidentiality requirements, taxing jurisdiction audits, exemption

County treasurer, voting locations, payment

Deadly weapons, concealed carry in buildings, repeal

Deadly weapons, power to regulate concealed carry in buildings, repeal

EKSAFE fund, floodplain, new construction

Electric utilities, tree wardens, vegetation maintenance practices, property owners, notice

Electronic gaming devices, regulation

Energy and Environment Cabinet, local decommissioning plan and bond requirements, review

Federal firearm ban, enforcement prohibition

Federal firearm laws, enforcement prohibition, state and local government

Filing deadline for candidates seeking public office, change

Firearms and ammunition, urban-county and consolidated local governments, regulation authority

Firearms, comprehensive regulation

Firearms, local regulation

Firefighters Foundation Program, setting of maximum hours of training required

Firefighters, stress injuries, treatment

Forcible entry or detainer, alternative minimum time of notice, ability to establish

Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation Program, eligible use

Historical overlay districts, ordinance requirements

Honor and Remember flag, emblem of remembrance, designation

Houseboat rentals, transient room tax exemption

Jail construction, moratorium

Jailers, technical change

Jails, Jail and Corrections Reform Task Force

KentuckyCYBER, cybersecurity, protection

KentuckyCYBER, Eastern Kentucky University, addition

KentuckyCYBER, Northern Kentucky University, addition

Labor organizations, membership as a condition of employment, agreement

Local boards of education, peace officers, employment contracts, training reimbursement

Local building inspectors, technical change

Local building inspectors, technical changes

Local government procurement, competitive bidding exceptions

Local ordinances and restrictions on firearms

Local ordinances on wages and benefits

Local property tax, motor vehicle exemption

Merchant electric generating facilities, decommissioning, bonding, local primacy

Minimum wage, authority to establish

Motor vehicle races permitted by local government, immunity language, removal

Occupational license fee, population limit, rate limit, mandatory crediting provisions, removal

Officers and employees, telework, prohibition

Parental rights, protection

Pari-mutuel racing tax distribution, local government fund, establishment

Parking authorities in urban-counties, approvals of budgets, budget amendments, fees, and rates

Peace officer, special accommodation certification

Planned communities, receivership for maintenance failures

Police employment contracts, training reimbursement

Procurement, small purchases limit

Property tax, federally documented boats, tax exemption

Property tax, insurance premium surcharge, disabled veteran exemption

Public libraries, sale of electronic literary products by publishers, contract terms

Public notices, procurement, $40,000 limit

Public-private partnership, local government, local school district

Racing event, permitting

Religious freedom, protection, relief available

Required publication, alternative Internet notice

Restaurant tax, uses of revenue

Road improvements adjoining schools, reimbursement

Sheriffs, statewide law enforcement authority

Skill games, proceeds

Solar geoengineering and weather modification, prohibition

Task Force on Local Government Annexation

Tax dollars, lobbying, prohibition

Tik Tok app, local and municipal boards, prohibition of use on issued devices

Tik Tok app, prohibition of use on issued devices

Tourism commissions, consolidated local governments, board composition

Towing prohibition, inoperable vehicle

Water fluoridation programs, optional participation, determination by governing body

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