Motor Vehicles

Auto recyclers, exemptions from Motor Vehicle Commission permitting requirements, grandfather

Auto recyclers, local government ordinances and regulations, compliance requirement

Automated license plate reader, data usage

Automated speed enforcement in highway work zones pilot program

Automated speed enforcement in highway work zones, worker present, requirement

Automated speed enforcement, traffic signal monitoring, traffic safety, speed limit, civil penalty

Autonomous vehicles, authority and regulatory framework

Autonomous vehicles, compliance with traffic laws, owner responsibility

Autonomous vehicles, human driver, requirement

Circuit clerks, responsibility for operator's license issuance, elimination

Defective equipment, warning

Disabled veterans, taxes and fees, exemption

Driving under the influence, blood test, qualified medical

Driving under the influence, blood test, qualified medical professionals, search warrants

Driving under the influence, minimum time held after arrest

Driving under the influence, third or subsequent offense, penalty enhancement

Driving under the influence under the age of 21, penalties, enhancement

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

Homeless services, operator's licenses and personal IDs, issuance procedures

Instruction permits, remote testing, KSP pilot program

Intoxicating hemp products, driving under the influence, prohibition

Kentucky vehicle registration database, communication disorder designation

Law enforcement, wellness program, confidentiality

Law enforcement, wellness program, establishment, authorization

LEXPARK parking authority, rates, encouragement to lower

License plates, permitted slogans

Licensing, members of Armed Forces stationed outside U.S., encouraging

Marijuana intoxication, per se limit, create

Marijuana intoxication, per se limit, creation

Military dependents and spouses, operator's license, motorcycle endorsement, remote submission

Military special license plates for motorcycles, production

Motor Vehicle Commission authority over auto recyclers, national highway system

Motor vehicle dealer, relationship with manufacturers, requirements

Motor vehicle, definition

Motor vehicle, usage condition, notification, disclosure

Motorcycle safety education courses, instruction permit, exemption

Move over law, disabled vehicles

No insurance, affidavits, county clerk

Off-highway vehicles, titling and registration

Office of Fleet Management, vehicles, 50% of alternative fuel fleet by 2026

Operator's license issuance, service members stationed outside the United States

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibition

Personal identification cards, issuance, prohibition

Personalized license plates, partial fee refund

Property taxes, motor vehicle exemption

Racing event, permitting

Recreational vehicle, definition

Recreational vehicles, personalized license plates

Registration and reporting, gender-neutral language

Registration, military members, requirements

Salvage titles, electronic titling system

Special license plate, 988 suicide and crisis lifeline fund, establish

Special license plate, EMS, establishment

Speed titles, rebuilt and salvage vehicles, processing times

Speeding and defective equipment, penalties

Speeding and defective equipment violations, penalties

Towing, ability to authorize

Towing, liens

Towing, liens, charges

Towing, limitation

Traffic control signal monitoring systems, violations of KRS 189.231, civil penalties

Transfer on death, requirements

Travel in left-most lane of a limited access highway, restrictions

Usage tax, purchases by military and National Guard members from Kentucky motor dealers, exemption

Usage tax, vehicle purchased by National Guard members from Kentucky motor dealers, exemption

Vehicular homicide, Class B felony

Veterans with 50% service-connected disability, license plate fee exemption

Wheels, rubber covering, requirement

Last updated: 11/9/2023 3:03 PM (EST)