Taxation, Sales and Use

Baby-related items, diapers, and feminine hygiene products, exemption

Breast pumps and related supplies, exemption


Currency and bullion exemption

Data centers, exemption

Diapers, exemption

Exemption, print technology

Exemption, rental of space

Exemptions, currency and bullion

Extended warranty services, technical corrections

Feminine hygiene products, exemption

Firearm safes, firearm safety courses, and firearm safety devices, exemption

Gender transition procedures, children, prohibition of exemption

Marketing services, exemption

Motor vehicle usage tax, recreational vehicles, imposition

Postnatal items, exemption

Prewritten computer software access services

Sales and use tax, recreational vehicles, exemption

Sewer and water construction

Tax Expenditure and Economic Development Incentive Review Board, establishment, duties

Tax incentive increase, Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority

Technical correction, revenue

Telemarketing services

Usage tax, purchases by military and National Guard members from Kentucky motor dealers, exemption

Usage tax, vehicle purchased by National Guard members from Kentucky motor dealers, exemption

Last updated: 11/9/2023 3:03 PM (EST)