Banks and Financial Institutions

Breach of draft warranties, remedies

Consumer reporting agencies, trigger lead requirements

Contributions to an eligible savings account, first-time home buyer, income tax deduction

Deferred deposit service businesses, deferred deposit transactions, requirements

Department of Financial Institutions, examinations, gender-neutral language

Department of Financial Institutions, examiners and assistant examiners, salary schedule

Deposits by minors, gender-neutral language

Discrimination in financial services, social credit score, prohibition

Earned wage advance transactions, consumer loans, applicability

Earned wage advance transactions, deferred deposit transactions, applicability

Fair Credit Reporting Act, trigger leads, urging amendment

Financial institution names, unlawful use

Financial institutions names, unlawful use, technical correction

Firearms code, prohibition

Housing discrimination, source of income, prohibition

Income tax, community restoration tax credit

Industrial loan corporations, licensing and regulation

Merchant category code, firearms retailers, prohibition

Minor settlements, restricted accounts, requirements

Mortgage loan companies and brokers, application and annual assessment fees

Mortgage loan companies and brokers, change of control, technical amendments

National Infrastructure Bank, urging establishment

Nonrecourse consumer legal funding, regulatory requirements

Omnibus bill

Public Bank Task Force, creation

School district depositories, maximum depositories, removal

Securities and commodities, socially responsible criteria or nonfinancial objective, disclosure

State-chartered savings and loan associations, chartering and regulation

Title pledge lending, licensing and regulation

Transaction of business, regulation

Uniform Commercial Code, emerging technology amendments

Use of certain banking terms in name, prohibition

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