Peace Officers and Law Enforcement

Animal seizure

Arrest, interference with a legislative proceeding, requirement

Automated license plate reader, data usage

Automated license plate reader, data usage and retention, 30-day limit, exceptions

Automated license plate reader, data usage, restriction

Automated license plate reader, data usage, restrictions on availability

Automated license plate reader, policies, requirement

Cannabis, personal use quantity, decriminalization

Children, discharge from hospitalization, public offense, arrest, authorization

Children, status offender, escape charge, provision

City administrators, investigators, peace officer powers, authorizing

Concealed deadly weapon license, retied peace officer, firearms qualification every five years

Conley, Deputy Caleb, honorary highway designation

Constables, alternative training for certification

Continuous motor vehicle insurance, requirements

County Employees Retirement, alternative benefit program for CERS members in hazardous positions

Cravens, Sergeant Rufus, conservation officer, recognition

Crisis aversion and rights retention order, firearms, removal

Destruction of firearms, law enforcement agencies of consolidated local governments

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requirement

Duty to intervene, reporting requirements, legal and administrative protections

Extreme risk protection order, firearms removal or surrender

Federal, Department of the Treasury, powers and duties, retention

Federal officers, powers and duties, removal

Firearms, individuals in crisis, voluntary surrender, requirements

Firearms, voluntary restriction list, requirements

Firearms, voluntary surrender, requirements

Hunter education, removal of requirement for licenses and permits

Illegal immigration, protection of the United States, support

Interrogation of children, requirements

Keep Kentucky Free of Litter fund, cash award

Kentucky Ashanti Alert system, creation

Kentucky Ashanti Alert system, reasonable cause

Kentucky IAN Alert System, creation

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, expansion of membership

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, standards for police conduct

Kentucky State Police, commercial vehicle enforcement officer, base salaries, increase

Law enforcement wiretap, compliance with federal law

London Police Department, Corporal Ben Webb, honoring

Mandatory training subjects, suicide prevention and intervention

Mentally ill, psychiatric facility or hospital, evaluation

Overtime exception, sheriff's offices, county police

Paid family leave insurance

Park rangers, gender-neutral language

Policies and procedures, police officer mental health program, requirements

Retired peace officers, cold cases, contract

Retirement, Tier 2 benefits for KERS/CERS members in hazardous positions

Seized or recovered firearms, reporting procedures

Technical correction

Telecommunicators, Law Enforcement Foundation Program fund, salary supplement

Telecommunicators, training academy, requirements

Telecommunicators, training and certification, requirements

Tobacco and other nicotine products, sale to or use by persons under 21, increased penalties

Towing companies, rate submissions, penalties

Traffic stop, operator's license database, AVIS

Training, hate crime

Transportation, probable cause, mentally ill, psychiatric facility or hospital, evaluation

Treatment center, chemical dependency, arrest

Treatment center, chemical dependency, recovery residence, court order violation, notification

Troopers and commercial vehicle enforcement officers, base salaries, increase

Urban-county government, employees of police departments, reinstatement

Vehicle accident reports, law enforcement access

Victim of sexual assault, reporting requirement

Workers' compensation, psychological injuries

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