911 services, moneys diverted to CMRS fund for distribution for 911 services, rates

Bot users, duties to persons, enforcement

Broadband, pole attachment requests, Public Service Commission

Broadband service providers, notices, franchise agreements, service outage

Cellular antenna tower siting, setbacks, inhabitable buildings and outdoor gathering spaces

Cellular antenna towers, local planning commission, siting

Cellular antenna towers, public nuisance, hearing

Cellular antenna towers, public nuisance, planning commission, hearing

Cellular antenna towers, Public Service Commission, siting

CMRS grant cap, increase

Communications service providers, underground facility damage prevention, exemption

Digital property rights, name, voice, and likeness, commercial benefit

Discrimination based on nonuse of electronic devices for state agency services, benefits, or access

Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation Program, eligible use

KentuckyCYBER, cybersecurity, protection

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibition

Personal telecommunications device, public school student use, prohibition

Provision of social work services, telehealth

Public Service Commission, emergency administrative regulations, pole attachment requests

Public Service Commission, pole attachment requests, internet, emergency regulations

Small telephone service providers, participation in Public Service Commission docket

Social media accounts, parental consent, requirement

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