1915(c) Medicaid waiver slots

2022-2024 State/Executive Branch biennial budget, amendment

988 suicide and crisis lifeline fund, establishment

Abandoned home pool fund, establishment

Adult Workforce Diploma Pilot Program, creation

Alcohol wellness and responsibility education fund, financial sources

Automated speed enforcement fund

Automated speed enforcement fund, establishment

Aviation training scholarships and equipment grants, public and private partnerships, provision

Bentley rural hospital preservation fund, super speeders, fees

Budget Reserve Trust Fund, KSP retention bonus

Budget Reserve Trust Fund, school district employees supplemental payment, appropriation

Budget Reserve Trust Fund, supplemental appropriations

Budget ReserveTrust Fund, Kentucky Proud School Match Pilot Program

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Cannabis fund, deposits and expenditures

Capital construction funds for Kentucky State Parks, pool and golf course improvements

Chief Justice's recommended Judicial Branch Budget

Child victims' trust fund

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriation of funds

Commercial watercraft taxes, riverport financial assistance trust fund, appropriation

Community eligibility provision, $0.33 per paid rate meal reimbursed to school district

Congressional appropriations, moneys from Kentucky, Ukraine aid, prohibition, urging

Consumer privacy fund, Office of the Attorney General

Converted area technology center, employee, one-time award

Converted career and technical education center, qualifying employee award, authorize

Cost-of-living adjustment for Kentucky Employees Retirement System and SPRS retirees

Department for Public Health, Smoking Cessation Program

Department of Parks, capital construction funds for Kentucky State Parks, partial authorization

Department of Parks, State Parks Improvement capital project

Department of Revenue, property valuation administrators, compensation adjustment

Derelict vessel removal assistance fund, establishment

Distilled spirits environmental fund, barrel fees and fines

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requirement

Drinking water and wastewater infrastructure


Election costs, increase, reimbursement

Electric and hybrid vehicles, state property tax, road fund earmark

Emergency Medical Services education grant fund, super speeders, fees

EMS Professionals Foundation Program fund, creation

Endowed research fund

Environmental remediation fee, allowable uses

Floyd County, juvenile facility

Forest stewardship incentives fund, general fund

Funds transfer, unfunded liability, sports wagering

Governor's recommended State/Executive Branch Budget

Governor's recommended Transportation Cabinet Budget

Harboring a vicious dog, fine, animal control and care fund

Healthy farm and food innovation fund, creation

Healthy Soils Program, funding for farmers

Heirs property research fund, creation

Highway work zone safety fund, moneys from automated speed enforcement

Highway work zone safety fund, uses

Housing assistance, Pregnant women and children

Judicial Branch Budget

Kentucky all-payer claims database fund, establishment

Kentucky Aviation Economic Development Fund, allowable uses

Kentucky High School Speech League

Kentucky lakes and rivers tourism fund

Kentucky numeracy counts fund, appropriation

Kentucky Prescription Drug Affordability Board fund, creation

Kentucky problem gambling assistance account, funding

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, supplemental payment for KERS and SPRS retirees

Kentucky trauma care system fund, super speeders, fees

Kentucky WWATERS fund, public water and wastewater systems, establishment

KentuckyCYBER fund, creation

Kids Love to Read Program, creation

Large capacity ammunition feeding device registration fund, creation

Legislative Branch Budget

Licensed music therapy practice board fund, creation

LRC Director's recommended Legislative Branch Budget

Mining performance bonds, distribution of funds from penalties

Motorboats, waterway usage fund

Necessary government expense

Office of Safer Communities, 2024-2025 appropriation

Office of the Governor, reporting requirements

Operator's license application processing, county clerk fees

Opioid abatement trust fund, appropriation

Pari-mutuel racing local government support fund, establishment

Personalized license plates, partial fee refund

Petroleum storage tank account, project completion, registration, and application extension

Pike County, juvenile facility

Reentry services, addiction services

Reports mandated, Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue

Roofing contractors Fund, creation

Rural jobs development fund

Rural veterinary care trust fund, creation, rural veterinary student loan repayment program

Sales and use tax, menstrual discharge collection devices, exemption

Scholarship program, coal county paramedic

School nutrition reimbursement program

Secondary area technology center renovation projects

SEEK, staff pay increase

SEEK transportation, professional development, salary increases

Small operator assistance account, small operator tank removal account, extension to July 15, 2031

State Board of Elections, county clerks, hand-to-eye recount, reimbursement

State government agencies, supplemental appropriations

State retirees, additional payments

State/Executive Branch Budget

Strengthen Kentucky Homes Program fund, creation

Student Teacher Stipend Program, creation

Supplemental one-time payment, state retirees

Supplemental payment, state retirees

Sustainable fuel production facility

Teacher Recruitment Student Loan Forgiveness Pilot Program, creation

Thoroughbred, standardbred, and quarter horse, paint horse, Appaloosa, and Arabian development funds

Traffic control signal monitoring system, violation of KRS 189.231, civil penalty

Trail Town operations grant fund, establishment

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Vapor products and vapor product manufacturer fund, creation

Volunteer firefighters, grant program



WKSAFE funds

Workforce housing loan pool fund, establishment

Wrongful conviction compensation fund, establishment

Last updated: 7/10/2024 7:22 AM (EDT)