Air ambulance membership, sale to Medicaid enrollee, prohibition

Covenant not to compete, restrictions

Delivery network company services, regulation

Department of Corrections and local jails, contracts to house state inmates

Department of Corrections, contracts to house state inmates, classification officers, removal

Department of Corrections, contracts to house state inmates, drug screening, removal

Government contracts, timely payments, procedures, penalties

Health service provider, covenant not to compete, prohibition

Housing of inmates, contracts between counties, contract price

Improvement of real estate, escrow, threshold amount, increase

Interlocal agreements concerning revenue sharing, additional requirements

Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance

Kentucky Horse Park, personal service contracts, exception

Landlord tenant, forcible entry or detainer, alternative minimum time of notice

Medicaid managed care contracts, limit on number awarded

Mortgage amendments, renewals, modifications, and extensions, recording requirements

Negotiated terms, timely payment

Nonrecourse consumer legal funding transaction contracts, regulatory requirements

Postsecondary institutions and auditors, required terms

Property and casualty insurance, prohibition of assignments

Public agencies, retaining of lobbyists, prohibition

Real estate improvements, retained amount, escrow account

Real estate professionals, Department of Highways, right of way services

Retired peace officers, cold cases

School district mortgages and liens, prior approval, removal

Single family residence, investment firms, restrictions on purchase

State procurement, government contracts, responsibility of bidder, determination, criteria

Uniform Commercial Code, emerging technology amendments

Uniform Residential and Landlord Tenant Act

Unlawful real estate service agreements

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