Federal Laws and Regulations

Americans with Disabilities Act, amendments, inclusion

Appropriations, Ukraine aid, moneys from Kentucky, prohibition, urging

Article V of Convention to amend U.S. Constitution, provisions

Autonomous vehicles, compliance with NHTSA standards

Child Care and Development Fund, state plan, eligibility

Child Care Assistance Program, eligibility

Child care staff members, background checks, age of majority

Controlled Substances Act, cannabis, Schedule I, removal

Cost defrayal requirements, qualified health plans, exemption

Coverage for speech therapy, treatment for stuttering, construction under federal law

Daylight saving time, exemption

Daylight saving time, urging Congress to enact legislation

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, vapor product and manufacturers

Employers, mandatory posting of veterans' benefits document

Employers, permit posting of veterans' benefits document

Energy infrastructure, environmental review, federal permitting, reform

English language learners, accountability system

Environmental Protection Agency, chemical industry, regulations

Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, urging amendment

Every Student Suceeds Act of 2015, English learners, flexibility, urge

Federal Water Pollution Control Act, state permitting, past reporting requirement, deletion

First Amendment, discrimination in financial services, social credit score, prohibition

Food and Drug Administration, manufacturing, harmful ingredients

Government pension offset, windfall elimination provision Social Security urging repeal

Gun Control Act of 1968, repeal of restriction on possession of firearms by users of marijuana

Health insurance, coverage for breast examinations, compliance with federal law

Illegal immigration, protection of the United States, support

Kentucky National Guard, release from state active duty without declaration of war, prohibition

Kratom, supremacy of federal regulations

Law enforcement wiretap, compliance with federal law

Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, compliance

Mine Safety and Health Administration, black lung disease, silica dust, regulation

National banks, state bank parity

National historical park, designation request, Big Bone Lick State Historic Site

National Infrastructure Bank, urging establishment

National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, passage by United States Congress, urging

Occupational Safety and Health Act, corresponding state regulations

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, cost defrayal requirements

Pharmacy-related trade practices, compliance with federal law

Poultry, exemptions, farmers, sales, Poultry Products Inspection Act

President Biden, immigration laws

REAL ID Act of 2005, United States Congress to repeal, urging

Sanctuary state from EPA, Clean Air Act requirements, fossil fuel-fired plants, state jurisdiction

Statehood, Washington, D.C., request

State-required benefits, biomarker testing coverage, intent

State-required insurance benefits, biomarker testing coverage, intent

Support of designated terrorist organization, public education, duty to report to law enforcement

Title IX gender identity compliance, public educational institutions, prohibition

Unconstitutional acts, right to nullify

Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act

United States Department of Defense, voting systems, requirements

Vapor product and manufacturer list, products for sale

Veterans' benefits, compensation for advising, attorney or law firm, federal limitation

World Health Organization, Pandemic Agreement, opposition

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