Public Officers and Employees

Bereavement leave, death of a child, dependent, or immediate family member, requirement

Cabinet for Economic Development, secretary appointment, gender-neutral language

City administrators, investigators, peace officer powers, authorizing

Department of Fish and Wildlife, conservation officers, game wardens, title change

Dependency, neglect, and abuse cases, sovereign immunity, waiver

Division of Emergency Management, director, powers and duties, restrictions

Firefighters, cancer screenings

Governor's recommended State/Executive Branch Budget

Gubernatorial appointees, Senate confirmation, requirement

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, expansion of membership

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, health benefits for line of duty hazardous disability retirees

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, line of duty death benefits to non-spouse beneficiary, increase

Legislative ethics, alleged violations, complaint and initial determination procedure

Legislative ethics, representation of clients, licenses and permits, permission

Lobbyists, executive branch hiring, prohibition

Local board of education members, code of ethics, delete requirement and enforcement

Local board of education members, code of ethics, requirement and enforcement

Local board of education members, grounds for removal, investigation and enforcement

Local entities having appointed officials, geographic and political representation

Mayoral appointments, combined electric and water plant boards, nominee selection

Members of the General Assembly, annual compensation, benefits

Municipal utility board members, maximum annual compensation, increase to $4,800

Municipal utility board members, maximum annual compensation, maintain cap of $2,400

Offender employment and licensure, requirements

Official custodians of public records, amendments to Open Records Act, dissemination

Open Records Act training, official custodians and employees, requirement

Peace officers, Keep Kentucky Free of Litter fund, cash award

Personal communication devices, prohibition on the use

President of the Senate, salary and benefits

Public postsecondary education institutions, employee compensation, publication

Retirement, special needs trusts, lifetime annuity payments

School district employees, use of sick leave for religious holidays not on school calendar

Secretary of State, selection of Citizens Redistricting Commission, publication of plans

Social media application, prohibition

Speaker of the House of Representatives, salary and benefits

State employee health plan, omnibus bill

State officers, property valuation administrators, compensation adjustment

State/Executive Branch Budget

Statewide constitutional officers, election, even-numbered years

Teachers' Retirement System, sick leave payments upon retirement

Teachers' Retirement System, sick leave reporting

West End Opportunity Partnership, successors, appointment

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