United States

Amendments, U.S. Constitution, constitutional convention on restraining federal government

Appropriations, Ukraine aid, moneys from Kentucky, prohibition, urging

Article V Convention to amend U.S. Constitution, provisions

Congress, federal accountability requirements, urging expansion

Congress, members, US Constitution, Article V amendment, term limits

Constitution, Article V amendment, members of Congress, term limits

Constitution Day, recognition

Daylight saving time, exemption

Daylight saving time, urging Congress to enact legislation

Diplomatic relations with Ireland, 100th anniversary, recognition

Energy infrastructure, environmental review, federal permitting, reform

Federal laws and regulations, right to nullify unconstitutional acts

Government pension offset, windfall elimination provision Social Security urging repeal

Immigration laws, President Biden

International organizations, membership, mandates, prohibition

Kentucky National Guard, release from state active duty without declaration of war, prohibition

National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, passage by United States Congress, urging

North Korean refugees, support, urging

Presidential election by national popular vote, compact

Protection from illegal immigration, Governor Greg Abbott, support

Terrorist activity, grounds for arrest and deportation

United States Capitol, January 6, 2021, detained citizens, recognize

Washington, D.C., statehood, request

World Health Organization, Pandemic Agreement, opposition

Last updated: 7/10/2024 7:22 AM (EDT)