Universities and Colleges

Alcohol wellness and responsibility education fund, campus events

Annual audit, requirements, deadlines, reports

Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education project, establishment

Aviation training scholarships and equipment grants, public and private partnerships, provision

Bachelor's degree requirements, public postsecondary institutions, U.S. government credit

Board of regents, faculty evaluation process, creation

Campbellsville University, Dr. Donna Hedgepath, honor

College applications, criminal history questions, ban

College financial aid or scholarships, exclude diversity, equity, and inclusion restrictions

Comprehensive universities, postbaccalaureate program offerings, expansion study

Comprehensive universities, research doctorial programs, research institution, marketing

Comprehensive university postbaccalaureate initiative study, specific new programs for consideration

Council on Postsecondary Education, DEI initiatives and offices, strike prohibitions

Council on Postsecondary Education, dissolution

Council on Postsecondary Education, KET board, staff member, addition

Council on Postsecondary Education president or designee, KET board, addition

Deadly weapons, postsecondary institutions, limitation on concealed carry, repeal

Deadly weapons, postsecondary institutions, power to regulate concealed carry, repeal

Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, permission

Diversity, equity, and inclusion, restriction on use of resources, definition of resources, narrow

Diversity, equity, and inclusion restrictions, civil action, private cause of action, deletion

Dual credit scholarship, course eligibility and additions

Dual credit scholarship, eligibility

Eastern Kentucky University, osteopathic medicine program, authorization to offer

Energy Planning and Inventory Commission, establishment, membership, duties, attachment to UK CAER

First Amendment, institutional policies to protect, limitation of restrictions

Governing boards, student and faculty representation, restrictions on increasing tuition and fee

Governing boards, student representation, restrictions on increasing tuition and fee

Governor's recommended State/Executive Branch Budget

Hazard Community and Technical College, university establishment, study

Ideology or viewpoint statements, prohibited acts, claims arising from violation

KCTCS, audit results, action items, report, requirement

KEES awards, adjustment for financial aid, requirement

KEES awards, dual credit course, use

Kentucky education excellence scholarship, award amounts, adjustment

Kentucky educational excellence scholarship, Social Security number requirement, removal

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, reorganization

Kentucky Nuclear Energy Development Authority, duties, engagement with academic institutions

Kentucky Nuclear Energy Development Authority, establishment, attachment to UK CAER

Lactating students, reasonable accommodations, minimum requirements

Level II verified trauma centers, medical residency programs

Medicaid reimbursement rate, university hospitals

Murray State University, veterinary medicine programs, authorization to offer

Name, image and likeness agreement requirements, applicability, modification

National Guard, call to active duty, permission to withdraw without penalty

NCAA compliance standard requirements, exclude compliance measures from DEI prohibitions

Open records, agency-furnished and agency-designated accounts, public business, requirement

Open records, digital communication application, employees, provide access

Open records, digital communication applications, provide

Open records, electronic communication service account, employees and officers, provide

Open records, mobile devices for employees, provide

Open records, official email accounts, employees and officers, requirement

Open records, official email accounts, requirement, penalties for violation

Open records, official email accounts, requirement, subject to inspection for violation

Performance and productivity evaluations, faculty removal

Performance based funding, underrepresented students to replace underrepresented minority students

Postsecondary DEI officer and officers, exclude from general DEI prohibitions

Postsecondary DEI prohibitions, civil action to enforce, remove private cause of action

Postsecondary resources restricted with regard to DEI initiatives, exclude gifts and grants

Program and institutional accreditation standards, exclude compliance measures from DEI prohibitions

Public agencies, open meeting compliance, voidable actions

Public postsecondary diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, restrictions, CPE enforcement

Public postsecondary education, discriminatory topics, prohibition of required courses promoting

Public postsecondary education, diversity, equity and inclusion activities, omnibus prohibitions

Public postsecondary education, diversity, equity and inclusion course credit, remove prohibition

Public postsecondary education, diversity, equity and inclusion research, remove prohibition

Public postsecondary education institutions, protection of Jewish students from violent antisemitism

Public postsecondary education, new student orientation materials, CPE development

Public postsecondary education, new student orientation, requirements

Public postsecondary institution funding formula

Public postsecondary institutions, diversity, equity, and inclusion actions, retain immunities

Public records, public agencies, board appointments, website, publish

Public university research projects, funding, endowed research fund

Research consortiums between public universities, funding, endowed research fund

Scholarship program, coal county paramedic

Sexual extortion, notice to students, poster

Spalding University, President Tori Murden McClure, retirement, recognition

State comprehensive universities, appointment of president, requirement

State/Executive Branch Budget

Taxdollars, use in lobbying, prohibition

Teacher preparation programs, early mathematics instruction, teacher preparation test

Teacher preparation programs, mathematics instruction, teacher preparation test, requirement

Teacher preparation programs, three-cueing system of instruction, prohibition

Teachers' retirement, service credit, optional makeup days, religious holidays

Terrorist organizations, condemning

Title IX gender identity compliance, public postsecondary educational institutions, prohibition

Tuition and fee waiver, pregnant women and parents, establishment

University of Kentucky and University of Louisville, hospital acquistion, General Assembly approval

University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, education, youth, urban agriculture, promotion

University of Kentucky, postbaccalaureate program offerings, expansion study

University of Louisville, postbaccalaureate program offerings, expansion study

Veterans, academic credit for military training

Veterans, access to early course registration

Western Kentucky University, research doctoral programs, ability to offer up to five programs

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program, expanded degree program eligibility, education

Work Ready Scholarship, dual credit courses, deletion

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