Administrative pretrial release, certain violations and misdemeanors, required for

Administrative pretrial release, deletion of

Adoption, relative caregiver, rights of indigent parents

Asbestos action judgment, motion to reopen, requirements of

Asbestos actions, trust documents and materials, evidence, relevance of

Bonds on judicially ordered sales, interest rates on.

Certification of necessity, when analysis indicates a need, require

Child pornography, trial exhibits, storage by a court

Child victim statements, hearsay exception for

Clerk of Supreme Court, make provisions gender-neutral

Community Property Trust Act, creation of

Concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, weapons outside courtrooms

Constitutional amendment, application of foreign law, prohibiting to protect rights

Court costs and fines, installment plan and community service for

Court of Justice, provide for gender-neutral language

De facto custodian rights process, updated

Deadline for Court of Justice candidates filing, changes to

Death penalty, replacement of with life imprisonment without parole

Dependency, neglect, and abuse cases, new requirements established

Discriminatory jury selection practices, disqualification of prosecutor

DNA cases, appointment of counsel, fee for

Drug courts, treatment for drug-related offenses, encouraging diversion to

Emergency placement of children, criminal history record checks for

Filing deadline for candidates seeking public office, changes to

Fiscal courts of origin for warrant, cost of incarceration, responsibility of

Foster care and adoption cases, new processes established

Franklin Circuit Court, changes in jurisdiction

Gang violence, prevention of

Grandparents, visitation rights as to grandchildren

Guardianship, court-community partnership, creation of

Health care coverage, child support enforcement

Hearing on a petition for permission to marry, person 17 years of age, requirement for

Home incarceration, pretrial, prohibition of

Ignition interlock license, requirements for issuance of

Insurer indemnification of victim, restitution for

Investigation of mismanagment by current and former officers

Judicial Branch Budget

Judicial circuits and districts, analysis of

Judicial Retirement Plan, restricted companies, divestment from

Jurisdiction, add list of examples of types of contact which would allow court to exercise

Juror pay and expense allowance, increasing

Jury service, increase in payment and reimbursement for

Jury service, procedure to volunteer for

Kentucky CASA network fund, creation of

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, establishment of

Liens against real estate, release of

Limitation on recovery for injuries or death, constitutional amendment for

Limiting recovery for injuries or death, proposing constitutional amendment

Medical malpractice actions, statements of compassion, inadmissibility of

Medical review organizations, confidentiality of information on staff with privileges

Monetary bond, elimination of

Monetary bond, limitation, deletion of

Monetary bond, restriction of

Nonprofit corporations, actions relating to

Obscenity cases, encouraging prosecution of

Personal identification cards, addition of holders to list of potential jurors

Personal jurisdiction over nonresidents, expansion of

Possession of controlled substance, penalty reduction, mandatory treatment and community service

Power of attorney, requirements for

Pregnant prisoners and inmates, release of

Pregnant prisoners, release of

Reallocation of resources, Circuit and District judgeships

Receivership in commercial real estate, procedures and requirements, creating

Redistricting, boundary realignment and reallocation of resources

Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance, urge nonrecognition of

Retired justices and judges, notary public functions

Seven day notice requirement, termination of tenancy

Sex offender registrants, restrictions on

Sexual harassment, enforcement of arbitration agreements in civil matters involving

Supreme Court Clerk, provide for gender-neutral language

Trespass, simplified remedy for elderly and vulnerable

Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, adoption of

Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act, adoption of

Veterans treatment courts, administration of

Weapons offense registry, establishment of

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