Legislative Research Commission

Administrative orders, procedures for

Administrative regulations, legislative committee procedures for

Administrative regulations, referral to committee of jurisdiction of

Agencies, reporting requirements for

Article V, amend U.S. Constitution, enforcement of, delegate actions, selection, oath, notifications

Child welfare oversight and advisory committee, establish

City financial information, receipt of

Designation of appropriation or revenue measure, requirement for

Economic Development Incentive Review Board, establishment

Electronic recording, appoint task force to review

Emergency administrative regulations, changes to procedures regarding

Employees, pay equity statistics, information to Secretary of Personnel

Executive orders, procedures for

House and Senate chambers, sign language interpretation in, provision for

Investigation of mismanagement by current and former officers

Kentucky Committee on Legislative Redistricting, establishing

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, establishment of

Legislative Branch Budget

Legislative Ethics Commission, ethics complaint, legislative employee, jurisdiction, limit

Legislative ethics telephone tip line, establish

Legislative Record, electronic distribution of, requiring

Mileage-Based Transportation Funding Task Force, creation of

Model Procurement Code, enforcement of

Notaries public, appoint task force to review

Occupational boards and commissions, annual reports from

Partisan staff, sexual harassment, annual report

Partisan staff, sexual harassment, complaint process

Public Service Commission, reliable energy sales, report every five years

Racial impact statements, requiring

Receipt of annual report, instruction in voting and voter registration, secondary schools

Rural growth fund tax credit, annual reports

Sexual harassment policy for employees, establishment of

Staff, ethics training, requiring

Task force on sexual harassment, climate survey

Task force on sexual harassment, create

Task force on sexual harassment, establishment of

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