Kentucky Revised Statutes

KRS Chapter 164

Includes enactments through the 2024 Regular Session

The KRS database was last updated on 07/19/2024

Council on Postsecondary Education

University of Kentucky

Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

Institutions of Higher Learning

State Colleges and Universities

Lung Cancer Research

Support Services for Students with Disabilities

Scholarships for Veterans and Their Families

National Guard Tuition Award Program

Professional Development for Child-Care Workers

Irredeemable Bond

Regional Compact

Kentucky Community and Technical College System

Kentucky Innovation Act

Extension Districts

Athlete Agents and Agency Contracts

Student-Athletes' Compensation, Agreements, and Contracts

Aerospace Education Reinvestment Opportunity (A.E.R.O.) Act


Annual Economic Report

Higher Education Assistance

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship

Miscellaneous Programs and Trust Funds

University of Louisville

University of Louisville Malpractice Insurance

Medical School Curriculum; Primary Care Residency

Rural Health Care

University of Kentucky Medical Center Malpractice Insurance

Licensing of Nonpublic Colleges

Campus Safety and Security (Michael Minger Act)

Safety and Security Department

State Autism Training Center


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