Kentucky Revised Statutes

Includes enactments through the 2023 Regular Session

The KRS database was last updated on 05/26/2024

Part 1. General Provisions Subpart 1. Short Title, Definitions, and General Concepts

Subpart 2. Applicability of Article

Part 2. Effectiveness of Security Agreement -- Attachment of Security Interest -- Rights of Parties to Security Agreement Subpart 1. Effectiveness and Attachment

Subpart 2. Rights and Duties

Part 3. Perfection and Priority Subpart 1. Law Governing Perfection and Priority

Subpart 2. Perfection

Subpart 3. Priority

Subpart 4. Rights of Bank

Part 4. Rights of Third Parties

Part 5. Filing Subpart 1. Filing Office -- Contents and Effectiveness of Financing Statement

Subpart 2. Duties and Operation of Filing Office

Part 6. Default Subpart 1. Default and Enforcement of Security Interest

Subpart 2. Noncompliance with Article

Part 7. Transition


    Part 8. Transition Provisions for 2012 Amendments

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