Administrative Regulations and Proceedings


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Adjustments to funding formula for local schools, Kentucky Board of Education - SB 126
Administrative regulation procedures and requirements, omnibus revisions to - SB 123
of Medical Licensure, emergency contraceptives, standards for - HB 346
of Nursing, emergency contraceptives, standards for - HB 346
Bonding for local roads to access extended weight system, allow administrative appeal - HB 8: SCS (2)
for Families and Children, adult abuse investigations - HB 298; HB 298: HCS, HFA (1)
for Health Services, advisory council review for - SB 125
for Health Services, newborn screening program - SB 24: SCS
for Health Services, statewide organ donor registry - SB 25: SCS, HCS (1)
Collective bargaining for school employees - HB 399
and nutritionists, licensure, administrative regulations, promulgated for - HB 229: SCS
and nutritionists, licensure, retired or inactive status - HB 229
Extended weight road system, require Transportation Cabinet to promulgate safety standards - HB 8: SFA (4)
Faith-based and nonprofit organizations, government funding, administrative regulation review - HB 383
and Family Services, advisory council, permissive use of - HB 110: HCS
Services, Public Health Services Advisory Council, permissive use of - SB 125: SFA (1)
HVAC permitting process, authority to promulgate administrative regulations - HB 421
Inspector General, administrative proceedings by - SB 223
Junk and scrap recyclers, cabinet authority to promulgate regulations regarding - HB 283
Board of Education - HB 93: SCS
Board of Education to promulgate requirements for Reading Diagnostic and Intervention funds - SB 19
Board of Education, promulgate grant requirements relating to mathematics - SB 64
Data Research Corporation, promulgation by - HB 512: HCS
Gaming commission, licensure and regulation of gaming at tracks and casinos - SB 9
Heritage Council, expanded regulatory power of - HB 331
lab and tobacco moisture testing devices, fees for - HB 358: HFA (1)
lab, fees for - HB 358: HCA (1)
Railroads, safe walkways, provisions for - HB 187
Cabinet, cigarette excise tax adjustment - HB 176
cabinet, grants to teachers from eligible nonprofit education organizations - SB 179
Small Employer Health Reinsurance Board, promulgate new - HB 176
Special license plates, require regs spell out criteria and standards for denial - HB 134: SFA (1)
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