Traffic Safety


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blocking roadway, removal of - SB 59: SCS, HFA (1),(2),(3),(4)
blocking roadway, removal of vehicles and cargo - HB 136
blocking roadway, removal of vehicles and materials - SB 59
resulting in death of serious injury, mandatory DUI testing of drivers involved - HB 78: HFA (1)
All-terrain vehicles, no person under age 16 shall operate and helmets required for operation of - HB 86
Blue lights on vehicles, allow for use by coroners and deputy coroners - HB 355
booster seat requirement, exempt children 8 years of age and older - HB 334: HFA (1)
booster seats, require and make violations a primary offense - HB 334
Extended weight road system, require Transportation Cabinet to promulgate safety standards - HB 8: SFA (4)
Field sobriety tests, require of all drivers in an accident in which school bus is involved - SB 90
Graduated driver's license, requirements for intermediate and full license - HB 22: HCS
require use when windshield wipers are in use - HB 54
require use when windshield wipers in use - HB 99
Watch Program, commendation of - HR 126
work zones, identification of for double fine purposes - HB 237: HCS
Inoperative traffic signal, when to proceed - HB 311
Intermediate driver's license, provisions of - HB 22
MCSIA implementation, restrict prohibition of masking violations to CDL holders - HB 133: HCS
devices, allow use by transportation employees - HB 17: HFA (1)
devices, penalty for use by nonemergency vehicle - HB 17
vehicle insurance, driving course - HB 244
vehicles, unrebuildable titles on, require special brand if rebuilt in Kentucky - HB 109
safety awareness signs, cabinet approval of placement - HB 39: HFA (1)
safety awareness signs, placement on rights-of-way - HB 39
safety education program fund, establish and appropriate funds - SB 77: HCS
safety education program, creation of - SB 77
Recreational vehicles, permissible appurtenances - HB 139
Seat belt usage, primary offense - HB 334: HFA (2)
Slow-moving vehicles, lighting requirements for - HB 378
Traffic control devices, installation in school zones - HB 154
Vehicle Enforcement, department of, divisions - SB 45: HCS (1)
zone, highway workers to be present - HB 237: SFA (1)
zone, speeding in, required notice for double fines - HB 237
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