Amusements and Recreation


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Assumption of risk, allow for recreational facilities - HB 228
Bingo and charitable gaming, regulation of - HB 702
Bona fide coin-operated amusement machines, lawful types and uses, description of - HB 749
Charity game tickets, hours of play extended - HB 604
Gaming in Kentucky, provide for - HB 601
Hatfield-McCoy Trail Commission, create and attach to Commerce Cabinet - SB 89: HFA (3)
racing drug policy, establishment of - HB 161
racing, breeds involved, regulation of - HB 453: CCR
racing, standardbred development fund, eligibility requirements for - HB 453: FCCR
Recreational Trail System, creates - HB 233
Recreational Trails Authority, add members to - HB 309: HCS
Kickboxing and mixed martial arts, under authority of the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority - HB 532
Rides and attractions, regulation of - HB 624
Special limited charity fundraising poker tournaments, provisions for - HB 731
honey festival, designation of - HB 46
parks, discount for certified employee, retired member - HB 141: HFA (2),(3)
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