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Mine Land Program, reclamation projects, project finance for - SB 187
Mine Land Program, technical correction for - SB 187: SCS
fuel facility and renewable energy facility, provide incentives - HB 5: SCS
fuel facility, eliminate requirement that facility be new - HB 5: HCS (1)
fuel facility, renewable energy facility, energy efficiency project, provide incentives - HB 5: HCS (2)
fuel vehicles, grant program - SB 33
Change venue for review of final orders of Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet - SB 196: SCS
mine safety, equipment and standards, requirements for - SB 200
miner certification, reciprocal agreement with other states, allowance of - SB 47; HB 186
Commending E.ON U.S. for its participation in the FutureGen Alliance - SR 150
E. ON U.S., commending for participation in the FutureGen Alliance - HR 146
EIS required for exemption from Siting Board jurisdiction - SB 196: HFA (2)
Electric meters, pilot program for new - HB 123
Energy - SB 7
Ethanol, tax credits for producers - SB 24
Five year statute of limitations, oil and gas contracts, deletion of - HB 543: HFA (1)
Pipeline Authority, include crude oil and petroleum products - HB 102
rate stabilization, task force to study - HB 261: HCS
Global Nuclear Energy Partnership projects, support efforts to obtain - SR 203; HR 191
energy facilities, other useful products, deletion from definition of - SB 196: HFA (1)
energy facilities, permitting for - SB 196
Kentucky Gas Pipeline Authority, add carbon dioxide gas - HB 102: HCS
KY State Board on Electric Generation and Transmission Siting, delete exemption from review - SB 196: SFA (1)
safety program, state requirements for - HB 207: HFA (2)
safety, requirements and standards for - HB 207: SCS
safety, requirements for - HB 207: HCS
Office of Energy Policy, Reorganization, Executive Order 2006-1299 - SB 85
and gas leases, contracts and agreements, default royalty provisions for - HB 543
and gas leases, contracts, agreements, payments of royalties on - HB 543: HCS
Provide procedure for adjustment of rates of natural gas distribution utilities - HB 261
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Task Force, urge CPE to continue work of - SR 241; HR 224
meter pilot project, allow plug-in devices - HB 123: HCA (1)
meters, expand program, increase reporting - HB 123: HFA (1)
fuel, exempt from solid waste definition, exemption of - SB 125
fuel, recovered material, definition of and requirements for - SB 125: SFA (1)
Training program, include in definition of "energy conservation measure" - HB 5: SCA (2)
U.S. Congress, urge extension of home energy efficiency federal tax credits - SR 143
Utility Savings Council, Reorganization Order 2006-692, confirmation of - SB 85: SCS
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