Land Use


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Abandoned Mine Land Program, reclamation projects, project finance for - SB 187
Agricultural district, requirements for - HB 202
Area planning commissions, agreements - HB 355: HFA (1)
ATV Usage Taskforce, establishment of - HJR 14
Billboards, allow vegetation control on state rights-of-way near - SB 155: HCS
Counties containing consolidated local government, or first class city, land use, citations - HB 444
County containing consolidated local government, residential density for certain roads - SB 117
or prehistoric remains on property, procedure for disposition of - HB 118
rock fences, clarify definitions and use of funds - HB 108: HFA (1)
Hunting, task force to study land available for - SCR 41
Interlocal agreements with local governments for the provision of certain services - HB 355
KRS 224A.011 add, change, and delete definitions for - HB 442
Landowner cooperator permit, authorize use for hunting - HB 216
Projects, Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, financing authority for - HB 442: HCS
Qualifying voluntary environmental remediation property, amend definition and requirements of - SB 82
land use agreement, provisions for - HB 216: SFA (1)
land use at farmstays - SB 37
Rock fences, preservation and construction of - HB 108: HFA (2)
Wildlife easement access, tax credits for - HB 354
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