Alcoholic Beverages

Age verification for purchase, allow scan of operator's license or personal ID card for

Alcohol tests for CDL holders, suspension of CDL for positive test

Alcohol vaporizing devices

Alcohol vaporizing devices, prohibit

Alcoholic beverage retail sales on election days, permitted

Bail, uniform schedule of

Beer kegs, sale of

Distilled spirits and malt beverages, minimum age for purchase, exception for person in military

Distilled spirits and wine sampling event, provision of product

DUI, blood testing

DUI, lower alcohol concentration for repeat offense

DUI, provisions relating to

DUI, study of

Election days, local legislative body may permit sale of

Minor's purchase or possession of alcohol, operators license suspension for

Minors, sale of alcohol to

Retail drink alcoholic beverages sales, mandatory server training established

Retail liquor and malt beverage drink sales, "licensed premises" defined

Sales at veterans' service organizations' posts, local option elections for

School bus accident, drug and alcohol testing

Shock probation, granting of in fatal DUI cases

Shock probation in felony cases, prohibitions on

State parks, wine and malt beverage sales, local option election authorized

Wine sales, retail food establishment, license authorized

Last updated: 8/28/2019 8:09 AM (EDT)