Drugs and Medicines

Abuse, urge funding of Operation UNITE

American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians, recognition of

Burglary, penalty increase for theft of drugs

Cancer, clinical trials for treatment of, health plan coverage of

Controlled substances monitoring system, accounts to receive data from

Controlled substances offender registration

Data on health care costs, quality and outcomes, report required

Drug screens and blood tests, permit database

Drug screens and blood tests, require insurers to cover

Drug tests for CDL holders, suspension of CDL for positive test

DUI, blood testing

DUI, per se violation for drug use

Enhanced pharmacy-related primary care, certification for

Enhanced pharmacy-related primary care, study scope of practice

Family resource youth services centers, health services, may provide

FIVCO Area Drug Task Force, urge Congress to maintain funding for

HIV, confirmatory test requirement, delete

Importation of prescription drugs from foreign countries, provisions for

Infection, health facility-acquired, prevention procedures

Infection, health facility-acquired, report rates

Legend drug repository program, establishment of contracts, create

Legend drug repository program, reporting requirement, establish

Metabolic conditions, special foods, insurance coverage

Nonviolent drug offenders, parole program for

Ocular devices, prescribing and dispensing

Operation Unite, appropriation for

Operation Unite, appropriations for

Organ donation, require from relative

Outpatient facility, add beds, convert license, county requirements

Pharmacy technician registration, qualifications for

Physician assistants, controlled substance prescriptive authority, establish

Prescription drug importation, request information from the FDA

Prescription drugs, pedigree, distribution of

Prescription drugs, senior citizens, provide assistance for purchase of

School bus accident, drug and alcohol testing

Short-term hunting license for Kentucky residents, permit for

Substance abuse treatment program, use of canteen profits for

Use on noncaptive wildlife, restriction

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