Education, Finance

2008 HB 734/EN, amend provisions of

Academy for Mathematics and Science in Kentucky, operating procedures

Academy of Mathematics and Science, funding provided for

Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky, base funding for

AP and IB course exams, payment of

AP and IB examinations, science and mathematics, payment of

Autism Scholarship Program

Bonds, extend allowable maturity date of

Capital outlay, use of

Career and technical education fund programs, creation of

Casino gaming moneys, distribution of

Certification incentive fund

Certification incentive fund, establishment of

Charter schools, transfer of funds for

College scholarships, requirements for

Cost of textbooks, LRC study directed

District teacher certification loan fund, required use of

Dropout prevention, awards

Dropout prevention grants, priority

Dual-credit courses, use of Kentucky Education Excellence Scholarship award for

Education savings plan trust, allow tax deduction for contributions to

Federally documented vessels, exempt from local property tax

Financial Aid Awareness Month, recognize February as

Forgivable loan, dental or medical degree, establishment of, eligibility for

Forgivable loan program, establishment of, student eligibility for

Four and Forward Program, creation of

Frankfort Independent School District, provide funding for

Funding for net zero energy pilot project schools, provide

Graduation date, before instructional calendar ends, calculation of SEEK funds

Growth nickels and equalization, authorize in statute

Growth school districts, support education excellence in Kentucky, calculation of

Hold harmless districts, state fund allocations for state mandated salary increases for

KEES awards, maintenance of existing rates

KEES eligibility, retroactive extension for military service

KEES scholarship, increase award amounts of

Kentucky educational excellence scholarships, renewal, eligibility requirements for

Kentucky educational excellence scholarships, use of

Kentucky educator award and recognition fund, creation of

Kentucky Financial Literacy Program and Trust Fund, creation of

Kentucky Reservists, benefits for

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, funding schedule

Local board of education, surplus technology property, distribution policy on

Local property tax exemption for private aircraft

Math and Science Teacher Forgivable Loan Program, establishment of, student eligibility for

Personnel, notification date of nonrenewal of contracts

Postsecondary education institutions, performance rewards for

Postsecondary Education Trust Fund and Covenant Award, creation of

Postsecondary student financial aid awards, increase

Preschool education, expand program

Preschool education, grants for collaborative models

Program to support education excellence in Kentucky, review of

School construction, nickel levies, and equalization

School districts, request for additional uses of capital funds

School facilities construction, affirm intent of General Assembly

School facilities construction funding, authorize levy

School facilities, feasibility study of proposed

Science and mathematics advancement fund, establishment of

Science and mathematics advancement fund, use of

SEEK funds, excess, reallocation of

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists, supplemental pay authorized

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists, supplemental pay, qualifications for

State fund, calculation of

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

Student financial aid programs, Legislative Research Commission staff study of

Student loan programs, urge Congress to restore funding

Students, on track, tuition freeze for

Support education excellence in Kentucky excess funds, distribution of

Tax credits for higher education costs

Teacher advancement fund, creation of

Teacher certification, alternative route to obtain

Teacher scholarship program, amount awarded

Teacher scholarship program, use of funds

Teachers' national certification trust fund, use of

Teachers of mathematics, chemistry, and physics, salary supplements for

Transition academies, high school models, grant program

Tuition, limiting amount of increase

Urgent need trust fund, priorities for use of

Urgent need trust fund, procedures for distributing allocations

Utility gross receipts tax, statewide levy, imposition of

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