Elections and Voting

Alcoholic beverages, local legislative body may permit sale of

Annual legislative sessions, repeal of

Auditor and Attorney General, make nonpartisan candidates

Campaign debt retirement, increased time for

Candidates hiring transporters of voters, requirements of

Centralized voting centers, study of

Constitution, amendment to change Senators' terms to six years

Constitutional amendment, on ballot placed

Constitutional amendment on ballot placed

Constitutional amendment, on ballot placed

Constitutional amendments, advocacy reporting requirements

Constitutional question, on ballot placed

Contributing organizations, independent expenditures, reporting of

Contributions, expenditures, and reporting changes

Contributions, expenditures, and reporting, guidelines for

Crime victim address protection program, creation of

Date of primary, changes to

Deletion of emergency clause

Early voting, board of elections may require election officers to be present

Early voting, establishment of

Early voting, require photographic identification

Early voting, require photographic identification or Social Security card

Election officers, compensation

Election officers, payment

Electronic filing of campaign finance report, allow candidate to designate as official copy

Electronic filing, requirements established

Felon, restoration of voting rights for

Felons' restoration of voting rights, reimbursement of certain amount of detention costs

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

Filing deadline and primary, change in dates

Gambling dens, voter approval for

General Assembly candidates, campaign contributions from legislative agents

General counsel of the registry, advisory opinions, authorized to issue

Governor, designation of candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Gubernatorial Debate Commission, establish

Instructional methods

Judges, preferential voting system

Legal defense trust, reports filing of

Legislative agents to candidates and slates for statewide office, permit to contribute

Legislative agents to candidates and slates for statewide office, prohibit contributions to

Local boards of education, members, election of

Local option elections, alcoholic beverage sales allowed, conditions governing

Local option elections, alcoholic beverage sales at veterans' service organizations' posts

Local option elections, sales permitted, authorization of

Odd-numbered-year sessions, budget enacted in

Office of State Treasurer, abolition of

Office of Surveyor, establish requirements for

Pardons and commutations of sentences, process for

Payment to election officers, increase of

Personnel Board, elections, new procedures for

Personnel Board, unique employee identification numbers, use of

Pilot programs for mail-in ballots, establishment of

Presidential election by national popular vote, compact for

Presidential electors, selection and voting

Presidential preference primary, change date and filing deadline

Primaries, change date and filing deadline

Primary and candidates filing deadlines, changes to

Provisional ballots, all elections, availability of

Registry of Election Finance, Kristen Webb, confirmation of appointment

Runoff elections, elimination of

Slate of candidates, when selected

State parks, wine and malt beverage sales, local option election authorized

Straight party voting prohibited

Timetable for solicitation of signature for nomination papers, establishment of

Voter registration and voting, instruction, secondary schools to provide

Write-in candidate, eligibility of

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