Environment and Conservation

Billboards, establish vegetation control permit system

Billboards, vegetation control and repair permit system

Casino gaming moneys, distribution of

Coal gasification waste, special wastes, treatment as

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, personnel may assist foundation

Discharge permit applications, water quality data to be less than 36 months old

Electronic waste disposal and recycling, direct EPPC to submit report on

Emergency Action Plans for impoundments, administrative regulations

Energy portfolio standards, study

Establish complete streets priority in state transportation projects

Gravel operations, limited permit, environmental requirements for

Greenhouse gas emissions tracking and reporting, state government, requirements of

Hazardous waste assessment, change date of

Hazardous waste management fund, energy recovery incineration, rate imposed for

Hazardous waste management fund, fund remittance, change amount of

Illegal taking of fish and wildlife, civil penalties for, increase

Kentucky Recreational Trails Authority, ATV use in adventure tourism & trespassing, study of

Kentucky trails Authority, recreational land use, agreements for

Kentucky Wetland and Stream Mitigation fund, appropriation to

KY Recreational Trails Authority, add member of the Brain Injury Association of Kentucky to

KY Recreational Trails Authority, revise membership, enable land contracts

Land Stewardship and Conversation Task Force, Reauthorize

Methane vents for water wells, required usage

Mold remediation, standards for, establish

Off-road and all-terrain vehicles, establish trail system

Off-road vehicle and all-terrain vehicle trail system, establish pilot project

PACE, termination of donated easements, payment to legal heirs at law

Plastic container labeling, modifications

Plastic containers, coding of, make changes to

PSTEAF, Environmental and Public Protection cabinet, funds transferred from

Recreational use agreements, Department of Fish and Wildlife, enforcement of

Remove of dilapidated buildings, agreement terms, disposition of waste and other contamination

Sand and gravel extraction, limited permit for one acre

Sand and gravel extraction on one acre, create limited permit for

Special hunting license for hunting in licensed shooting areas, create

Special wastes, coal gasification waste, treatment as

Storm water, sanitary system, rates charged to persons not served, exemption from

Stream Mitigation and Restoration Authority, membership on

Stream restoration and mitigation authorities, creation of

Stream Restoration and Mitigation Authority, responsibilities of

Structures on public waters, Department of Fish and Wildlife, permits for

Surface mine overburden and reclamation, make changes to requirements relating to

Sustainable design in school buildings, encourage

U.S. Env. Prot. Agency, adoption of criteria for diesel engine conversion kits, resolution urging

Vehicle emissions, regulation of

Water districts, extension and formation of

Water supply expansion by utility, make requirements for

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