Biofuel-capable state vehicles, require refueling with biofuels beginning December 1, 2009

Carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants, capture and management thereof

Coal gasification, special wastes, inclusion as

Coal gasification waste, special wastes, treatment as

Emergency mine technicians, surface mining operations, number on site at

Energy recovery, hazardous waste assessment fee, half rate for

Greenhouse gas emissions tracking and reporting, state government, requirements of

Hazardous waste assessment, allocations in fund for

Hazardous waste assessment, change date of

Hazardous waste management fund, energy recovery incineration, rate imposed for

Hazardous waste management fund, fund remittance, change amount of

Motor fuel for motor vehicles and motorboats, civil liability for retail theft of

Motor fuel for motor vehicles and motorboats, repayment and additional charges for retail theft of

Natural Gas Acquisition Authority, authorize creation and powers thereof

Nuclear power, certification of facilities, nuclear waste disposal requirements for

Nuclear power facility, certification for

Nuclear power, radioactive wastes, storage of

Sales tax exemption, multi-unit residential fuel billing

U.S. Env. Prot. Agency, adoption of criteria for diesel engine conversion kits, resolution urging

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