Labor and Industry

Aliens, employment of

Apprenticeship and Training Council, revise membership and terms

Borders, R. Scott, administrative law judge, reappointment

Collective bargaining, public employees, authorization

Collective bargaining, teachers and classified employees

Commissioner of Labor, honor and tribute to J.R. Gray

Comparable worth, administrative regulations required

Comparable worth determination, rebuttable presumption of correctness

Comparable worth, factors considered

Comparable worth jobs, employers to determine

Cowden, Jr., William Bruce, Workers' Compensation Board, reappointment

Davis, Marc Christopher, administrative law judge, reappointment

Employee misclassification, independent contractors, clarification of requirements

Employee verification

Employees, misclassification as independent contractors, penalties provided

Employment leave for crime victims, creation of and requirements for

Executive Director, Office of Workers' Claims, Dwight Lovan

Frasier, Jr. Howard E., administrative law judge, reappointment

Group life insurance, regulation of

Health care employees, retaliation prohibited

Hiring and wage requirements, Cabinet for Economic Development incentive programs

Identity theft, obtaining or maintaining employment

KEMI, Board of Directors, appointment, James F. Howard

KEMI, Board of Directors, appointment, Rita Y. Phillips

KEMI, Board of Directors, reappointment, David H. Snowden

Kentucky Jobs Development Act, changes to the definition of "service and technology"

Kerr, James L., administrative law judge, reappointment

Life insurance, employer provided

Lowther, Sheila C., administrative law judge, reappointment

Minimum wage and overtime, companionship services, exemption of

Misclassification of employees, penalties provided

Misclassification of employees, violations, penalties established

Nonprofit charitable organization, minimum wage and overtime, exemption

Overtime requirement, air carrier employees exempt

Police officers and firefighters, mediation and arbitration procedures

Prevailing wage, school construction exempt

Prevailing wage, suspend the application of, for FY09 and FY10

Railroads, safe walkways, provision for

Roark, Grant Stewart, administrative law judge, reappointment

Sex-based wage discrimination, prohibited on comparable jobs

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Silicosis or mixed-dust claims, procedure for

Smith, Lawrence F., administrative law judge, reappointment

Smith, Marcel, administrative law judge, reappointment

Stivers, Franklin A., Workers' Compensation Board, appointment

Unemployment insurance, benefit eligibility for military spouse

Unemployment insurance, change computation date for employer contributions

Unemployment insurance, confidentiality of information and records

Wage discrimination disputes, binding arbitration permitted

Workers' compensation, 6th edition AMA Guides, suspension of

Workers' compensation, AMA Guides, adopt fifth edition

Workers' compensation, AMA Guides, adoption of

Workers' compensation, AMA Guides, usage of

Workers' compensation, AMA Impairment Guides, adopt fifth edition

Workers' compensation, attorney fee increase

Workers' compensation, contractor and subcontractor, liability of

Workers' compensation, employer's reckless conduct, suits permitted for

Workers' compensation, income benefits, lump-sum payment required

Workers' compensation injury, rebuttable presumption of injury

Workers' Compensation, insurance terminated, notice requires

Workers' compensation, judges and board, qualifications revised

Workers' compensation, lump-sum payment required

Workers' compensation, older workers, benefit duration

Workers' compensation, permanent disability rating, additional multipliers included

Workers' compensation, RIB cash option, eligibility for

Workers' compensation, rights and benefits, notice required

Workers' compensation, self-insured groups, financial requirements of

Workers' compensation, termination of policy, notice required

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