Board of Claims, governmental immunity, nonwaiver of

Business entities, creation, operation, and dissolution of

Child custody, temporary, time limitation

Conflict Resolution Week in Kentucky, recognizing the third week in October as

Court appointed special advocates, programmatic and procedural provisions for

Court house facilities, provision of by counties

Court of Justice, director of, appointment of, confirmation of

Driving under the influence, penalties for

Election of judges, preferential voting system

Electronic warrants, participation in

Fees, adjustment of

Fees, adjustment of, retroactive language, addition of

Foster care, approval of outside of legal marriage

Foster care or adoption, prohibition of outside of legal marriage

GPS monitoring for lifetime registrants during probation or parole, requirement for

Guardians and conservators, compensation allowable

Health care insurance coverage, court order for

Highway work zone, speeding in, required notice for double fines

Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children, replacement of

Judgment, interest on

Judicial budget, fund transfer

Judicial Council, membership of

Jury service, exemption from, 72 years of age and up

Jury service, limitation on

Jury service, terms, conditions, and compensation

Medical support, appropriate health care insurance coverage, court order for

Mental disorder or disability, severe, define defendant as

Oaths, retired and senior justices and judges, administration by

Orders issued by, compliance with

Paternity, determination, evidence, and venue, clarification and updating of

Paternity, rebuttable presumption, venue and appeal

Penal Code, Kentucky, subcommittee to study

Prisoner nationality verification

Service fee, county attorney notice for alleged theft by deception

Small claims court, collection of fees and costs

Small claims division, District Court, jurisdiction increase

Small claims division, jurisdictional increase

Soring horses, create ban on, set penalties for

Students or schools complying with order not subject to action

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