Agents, life settlements, permissible acts

Autism spectrum disorders, health coverage for

Business entity annual report of individuals not terminated, remove requirement

Certificate to do business filing, remove requirement

Certification requirement, fire sprinkler inspectors

Confidential information, clarification

Definition, rental vehicle agent

Definition, rental vehicle agent managing employee


Delete references to the executive director, substitute commissioner

Department of Insurance, Commissioner, appointment, Sharon P. Clark

Disclosure, requirements

Elevator contractors and independent elevator inspectors, insurance required to be carried by

Federal regulation, express opposition

Governmental facilities for recreational purposes, requirement for liability insurance

Grain assessments and disbursements, revisions to

Grain dealers, requirements for

Health insurance, required coverage for contraception

Insurance agent, compensation for long-term care

Insurance, motor vehicle, reinstatement fee

Insurance payments to firefighters totally disabled in line of duty, CPI adjustment to

Insurer, protection of consumer financial information

Insurer's agent, clarification

Insurers, authorize waiver of deductible for food spoilage in a disaster area

Kentucky Access, non-eligibility clarification

Kentucky Access, residency requirement

Kentucky Access, smoking cessation

Life Insurance, notice to owner

Life settlements, dual licensure study

Life Settlements, notification

Limited line of authority, rental vehicle

Long-term care, agent compensation

Loss run statement, define

Loss run statement, prohibit fee

Loss run statement, written request by insurer

Loss run statements, commercial property and casualty risk

Mopeds, require insuring of

Motor vehicle accident, prohibit insurer or agent to solicit person

Motor vehicle, basic reparations benefits, determination of work loss

Office of Insurance, research life settlement dual licensure

Penalty, failure to timely submit loss run statement

Pharmacy, provider agreement

Pharmacy, provider agreement, audits

Property and casualty contracts, risk factors, limit on credit score surcharge

Property and casualty, use of credit based insurance score

Reorganization, Department of Insurance, Executive Order 2008-507

State regulation, express commitment

Time frame, response to written request for loss run statement

Workers' compensation, exclusivity exception for reckless conduct

Workers' compensation subrogation, limits on recovery

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