Retirement and Pensions

Benefits, military service

Board of Judicial Form Retirement Plan, administrative regulations, conform with federal law

CERS, allow certain agencies to opt out of participation in the state health plan

CERS, certain agencies may opt out of participation in the state health plan

CERS, remove employer contribution and health care reimbursement for reemployed retirees

County Employees Retirement System, classified staff, service credit, days required for

County Employees Retirement System, definition of "seasonal employee"

County employees retirement system, definition of seasonal position

County Employees Retirement System, establish 10 year phase-in to fully fund retiree health benefits

Deferred Retirement Option Program, establishment for certain CERS hazardous duty employees

Kentucky Retirement Systems, composition of investment committee

Kentucky Retirement Systems, determination of final compensation for school board employees

Kentucky Retirement Systems, housekeeping bill

Kentucky Retirement Systems, increase death in the line of duty benefits

Kentucky Retirement Systems, prohibit former employees of the systems from serving on the board

Kentucky Retirement Systems, qualifications of governor's appointees to the board

Kentucky Teachers Retirement System, teachers, service credit, days required for

Retirement System, DROP, program for hazardous duty employees

Retirement Systems, State-administered, review of portfolios, report of findings

Social Security Ac, urge repeal of Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provisions

Speech-language pathologist or audiologist, supplemental pay, retirement contributions considered

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