Secretary of State

527s, regulation of

Business entities, omnibus revision

Candidates for Governor, running mate, delay selection of

Conduct of elections, pilot program for early voting

Contributions and reports, regulation of

Contributions, expenditures, and reporting, guidelines for

Date of primary, change of

Duplicate filing requirement with county clerk for legislative candidates, abolishment of

Early in-person voting, no excuse necessary

Early voting, authority to

Early voting, permission for

Election of judges, preferential voting system

Elections, order of candidates, determination of

Elections, requirements and restrictions during, members of the media

Executive orders, electronic filing of

In person absentee voting, application for, caretakers of voters having surgery

Issuance of certificates, procedures for

Media, definition of

Notaries public, regulation of

Notary publics, omnibus regulation

Notice requirement from county clerks, date of

Number of days after an election for transmittal of information, change in

Pilot program counties, designation of

Pilot program for primary, inclusion of

Political issues committee, definition of

Political organization 527 committees, activities of

Political organization 527 committees, reporting requirements of

Presidential election by national popular vote, compact for

Registered Independents, primaries, participation in

Registry of Election Finance, exploratory committees, regulation of

Registry of Election Finance, various provisions relating to

State Board of Elections, votes tabulation of

State bonds, interest on, reporting requirements for

Voter preregistration for 16-year-olds, regulation of

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