Substance Abuse

Abuse treatment, residential contract for therapeutic home

Controlled substances, electronic reporting, data sharing in system of

Controlled substances, salvia, addition of Schedule I

Driving under the influence, penalties for

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation trust fund, creation of

DUI, aggravating circumstances and increased penalties, lower alcohol concentration for

DUI, ignition interlock device, use of

DUI, violation for controlled substance use

Intervention fund, create

Pretrial diversion, substance abuse

pretrial release, effect of substance abuse

Pretrial release, effect of substance abuse

Public assistance, substance abuse screening

Residential treatment, contract for therapeutic home

Residential treatment, permit to contract for

Salavia possession, trafficking, and cultivation, prohibition of

Salvia definition, other species in same genus, exclusion of

Salvia offenses, enhanced penalty for possession of firearm, exclusion from

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