Technical Corrections

Agricultural district

BR 1424

BR 1533

BR 1574

BR 920, gender correction

Class D felony, bail for, technical correction

Corporations, dissenter rights

Cruelty to animals, gender specific language, elimination of

Deed filing requirements

Department of Revenue, change references to

Employer's duties, jury service

Endangering welfare, gender-specific language, elimination of

Endangering welfare, technical correction

Evidence, sufficiency of, as to presumptions

Fencing, cattle trespassing through

Ferrets, possession of

Gender-neutral language, corporation director

Gender-neutral language, Court of Justice

Guaranteed arrest bond certificate, technical correction

HB 102

HB 102/HCS

HB 107

HB 153

HB 153/HCS

HB 158

HB 181

HB 189

HB 193

HB 193/HCS

HB 229/HCS

HB 262

HB 264/HCS

HB 285/HCS

HB 293

HB 336

HB 369/SCS

HB 370

HB 39/ HCS

HB 410

HB 433/SCS

HB 441

HB 444

HB 473

HB 489/GA

HB 536/HCS

HB 537

HB 543

HB 73



HJR 111

HJR 119

HR 46

HR 60

HR 61

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, conformity with

Kentucky Pollution Abatement and Water Resources Finance Authority, remove reference to

Make gender neutral

Manslaughter, gender specific language, elimination of

Military database citation, correction

Mortgage lenders, regulation

Office on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders, HB 169

Penal Code, restriction on applicability

Penal Code, statute of limitations

Sale to person not providing for family, provision for gender equality

SB 1

SB 138

SB 151

SB 181

SB 185


SB 2


SB 65


SB 77

Senate Agriculture Committee, conformity to

Stolen or damaged property, reparation for, technical correction

Uniform schedule of bail

Verdicts, jury, further deliberation, when required

Victims' civil action against defendant for damages

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