Universities and Colleges

21st Century Education Enterprise, creation of

Academic content standards, alignment

Academic content standards, alignment of

Agricultural products, purchasing, reporting of

College textbooks, bundled, limitations on sales of

College textbooks, editions, substantial content revisions, publishers to identify

College textbooks, faculty adoption deadlines

Construction-management-at-risk project delivery method, state use of

Conveyance of school district property to KCTCS

Cost reporting and funding, category development

Council on Postsecondary Education, general fund per pupil, conduct study of

Course credits, transfer and degree program acceptance, clarify

Credit card and debt management education for students

Degrees, course credit hours, limit to

Early Access Grant Program

Forgivable loan, dental or medical degree, establishment of, eligibility for

Higher education capital projects, increase cap on projects allowing for completion by institution

KEES, dual credit and part-time college courses, use of funds for

Kentucky educational excellence scholarships, use of

Kentucky Reservists, education benefits for

Master's degree for teachers, tuition waived for

Morehead State University, tuition free courses for high school seniors

Oil and gas operations, state-owned and university-owned lands, study of

Pharmacist refusal to dispense, unlawful to discriminate for

Postsecondary institutions, cash-funded capital projects, interim process

Postsecondary institutions, debt issuance by

Public, community rehabilitation programs, purchases from, preference for

Recycling, state offices and universities, reporting requirement for

Somerset Community College, Physical Therapist Assistant Program, honoring of

Somerset Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program, recognition of

State, community rehabilitation programs, purchases from, preference for

Students, suspension or expulsion by faculty and staff or committee

Study mining of and impacts to streams and forests in E.O. Robinson Forest

Teacher certification, assessments and internship, beginning teachers

Textbooks, postsecondary education, adoption policies

Tuition, limiting amount of increase

Tuition waiver, spouses and dependents of deceased or permanently disabled veteran

Tuition waiver, spouses and dependents of permanently disabled veteran

University of Kentucky, equine industry program, increasing funds for

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