House Bill 23

Last Action to Licensing & Occupations (H)
Title AN ACT relating to horse racing.
Bill Documents Bill
Bill Request Number 94
Sponsors T. Burch, L. Clark
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 230.260 to require the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority to promulgate administrative regulations compelling racetracks to report to the authority and to the horsemen's associations their daily on-track attendance and the daily on-track and off-track handle within 24 hours after the last race on the day in question; state that the report is to list moneys wagered on-track, off-track, through advance deposit wagering, and all other sources in the host track wagering pool; indicate that the report should also list how all wagering moneys retained by the track are credited to be paid to the state, the horsemen's purse account, the relevant horse development fund, and the track itself; direct that the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority promulgate administrative regulations to mandate submission of a report to the authority any time a racehorse, while training or racing in Kentucky, incurs a catastrophic, race-career ending injury or an injury requiring surgery; indicate that separate reports are to be filed by the premises where the injury occurred, the attending veterinarian, and the horse's trainer; disclose on the report whether the horse has ever been given growth hormones or anabolic steroids, corticosteroids within 10 days of the injury, any mental or physical changing medications within 30 days of the injury, or had any corrective surgery or other techniques that could have altered the horse from its natural birth configuration; make reports available to the public upon request; penalize failure to report with a $500 fine for the first offense and a six-month license suspension for each subsequent offense.
Index Headings of Original Version Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Racing Authority, creation of racetrack handle and horse injury reporting requirements by
Agriculture - Injured racehorses, duty to report prior surgeries or use of steroids or other drugs in
Animals, Livestock, and Poultry - Injured racehorses, duty to report prior surgeries or use of steroids or other drugs in
Drugs and Medicines - Steroids and other drugs, duty to report prior use of in a racehorse after catastrophic injuries
Gambling - Daily handle from on-track and off-track sources, racetrack duty to report after each race day
Licensing - Catastrophic injuries to racehorses, disciplinary action against racing licensees who fail to report
Racing - Reporting requirements, racetrack attendance and handle and major racehorse injuries
Veterinarians - Catastrophic injuries to racehorses, reporting requirements for attending veterinarians


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