Acupuncture, licensing of

Alcohol license, allow issuance to convention centers under specified circumstances

Alcoholic beverage control licensing statues, extensive technical corrections

Alcoholic beverages with special appeal to minors, provisions of

Art therapist board, disciplinary actions, civil penalties, and appeals regarding

Art therapists, license and license exemptions, requirement for

Art therapists, license revocation, petition for reinstatement, and disciplinary action

Auctioneers, apprenticeship, remove requirements for

Auctioneers, fees, increasing maximum limits for

Auctioneers, Internet auctions, exemptions for

Auctioneers, licensure requirements, remove reference to residency

Auctioneers, omnibus revisions

Body piercing, ears, exclusion from, definition of

Catastrophic injuries to racehorses, disciplinary action against racing licensees who fail to report

Certified surgical technologist, require national certification to practice as

Charitable gaming, licensing of

Charitable gaming, mandatory training program, require

Charitable gaming, training required for licensure

Charitable gaming, training requirement, establishment of

Counselors, trained to treat persons with dependency issues

Deferred deposit transactions, moratorium on

Distiller licensees, free samples of distilled spirits, allowance of under a sampling license

Division of Occupations and Professions, transfer of

Election days alcoholic beverages, permit delivery of

Election days, alcoholic beverages, unless permitted by local government, prohibit sale of

Electricians, licensing of, education credit

Elevator contractors and elevator mechanics, licensure through elevator board required for

Fire sprinkler inspectors, make prorated occupational fee for certification rather than licensure

Fireworks storage and display, permit for

Grain dealers and warehousemen, requirements for

Horse racing authority, licensing requirements, exemptions for background check

Human remains, initial removal, requirements for

Industrial hemp, growing of

Inspection of manufactured homes installed by a certified installer, limit fee to $150

Kentucky Horse Racing Authority, omnibus chapter revisions

License requirements, tattoo artist or instructor, body piercing technician, establishment of

Mandatory spay/neuter, establish requirements for

Marriage certificate, require pertinent data about the legislator who solemnized the marriage on

Motorcycle helmets, fee required to operate without

Not-for-profit homeowner's associations, exemption for

Optometric Examiners, Kentucky Board of, regulations allowing practice outside office of

Pharmacist refusal to dispense medication, unlawful to discriminate for

Premises selling alcoholic beverages, restriction of minors at

Prosthetics, orthotics, and pedorthics, licensing and regulation of practitioners of

Prosthetists, orthotists, pedorthists, licensing of

Psychologist, licensure testing, establish

Psychologists, licensing of

Real estate appraisals, require licensure or certification from the board to perform

Real estate brokerage, escrow accounts, requirements for

Real estate brokerage, licensing of

Real estate brokerage, licensure, conditions of

Real estate brokers, authorized activities and license discipline of

Real Estate Commission, reciprocity, requirements for

Sampling of distilled spirits

Small farm winery licensees, maximum allowable output, increase of

Small farm winery licenses, increase maximum allowable output by

Speech-language pathologist or audiologist, pay supplement authorized

State parks, limited sale of alcohol, conditions, providing for

State parks, limited sale of alcohol, licensing fee, establishment of

Surgical technology, require national certification to practice

Tattoo and body piercing, regulate practice through new board under new licensing chapter

Taxi and limousine certificates, clarify definitions and operating authority

Unclassified acquirer, increase

Unclassified acquirer, OTP wholesaler, fee

Video lottery games, licensing of

Video lottery terminals, license categories for

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