House Bill 256

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Title AN ACT relating to the minimum school term.
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Impact Statements Actuarial Analysis
Local Mandate
Bill Request Number 113
Sponsor J. Bell
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 157.320 to define the single salary schedule based on the minimum school term of 187 days or the equivalent; amend KRS 157.350 to change the employment of teachers to 187 days or the equivalent as set forth in the minimum school term; amend KRS 157.420 to delete references to 185-day term; amend KRS 158.070 to define the minimum school term as 187 days, which includes no less than 177 instructional days or an equivalent calendar of 1062 instructional hours plus 10 days for holidays, professional development, opening and closing days; amend KRS 158.080 to change the minimum school term from 185 to 187 days; amend KRS 161.500 to redefine the required time for earning a full year service credit in the Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System based on an equivalent hour calendar; amend KRS 161.623 to calculate sick leave credit on the basis of 187 days calendar versus a 185-day calendar; amend KRS 78.615 to calculate retirement credit for noncertified employees on the basis of 180 days or an equivalent days calendar.
Index Headings of Original Version Actuarial Analysis - Service credit, requirements for
Education, Elementary and Secondary - School calendar, one hundred eighty-seven days or equivalent required
Retirement and Pensions - Kentucky Teachers Retirement System, teachers, service credit, days required for
Retirement and Pensions - County Employees Retirement System, classified staff, service credit, days required for
Teachers - Employment contract, minimum school term
Teachers - Service credit, requirements for
Local Mandate - School calendar, one hundred eighty-seven days or equivalent required


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